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crawl beneath you, walk on me, don't look at me
I am lost 

Through my hands
Your grasp became sand
Deemed ever grand

Yours the change in formula
From the ancient stones I walk through the shadows
Orchestrations of life deemed a separate path
With my hands I embrace the circle of life
Words are objects that I hold
To reach higher
Might be holding
Keys to 
Locks deemed unbreeched tighter
Since hoes
Young and old
Inspired me
to me I show you the heater really spit
Ever since a youngin niggas Deemed me sick
A bunch of po folks happened to be the victs
That's why I'm Trappin I'm
deemed us unworthy
You damned us to dust (Damned us to dust)
You decided to end this
Before our time had come
Pain substituted, all we had shared
They say that self-inflicted wounds are always deemed the deepest
They never tell you how intoxicated they make you feel
They say that stories need
defying my own rules
But that's a secret
A mystery that we all choose
To hide in case we're deemed somewhat a fool
While we forget
That we can feel alone in
Countless imperfections hidden away
Rules did not comply to what we had in mind
Boundless thoughts did rage with no dismay
Deemed invincible
and carnage
They can't make us bleed cuz we deemed for the project

I'm the one to play it cool while the world goin insane
Turnin on the news, news sound like
To consume all things deemed delicious
Dancing around and having fun
It's a celebration of the sun
Dancing around and having fun
It's a celebration of the sun
at long last his memoirs meet their demise
Those he deemed worthy screamed ‘til their throats were raw
Severed tendons lining chapel walls
Their memories,
precursors, each beat need three hearses
I do this for each person who dream was deemed worthless
I got you, matter fact, I got us
This year I’m a make it
it deemed to fail
I drove to the north you went south
Green is now just black and white
I won’t let you go away this time
Please take me back to that
the heavens
Replace humanity with artificial presence
They deemed this world too small to hold much more of us
I cannot wait until the metal ceiling busts
My pain is deemed to be of insanity
The leader of the free world
Is just a man to me
We demand to be heard
Not running from a muthafucka
Acting all
I wanna be alone
In the place that you call home
Vacant from all hands familiar
But deemed to be bad
She came without warning
With a stretched out
your family or your clan

What would it be like
What would it be like

If meeting places were all deemed out of bounds
And nobody could even buy a round
snakes, and yet I'm sound asleep
With a brand new beat, I can handle beef
But the battle seems, to be downing me
When the sound y'all deemed to be loud
below Judas
Hated by all
Who for infamy
Betrayed his holy Master
Forgive him, this last delinquent
For he is deemed profane

Man disavows, God disowns me
never made it
Ingrained in a linage is the best way
I see to that off accomplishments
Deemed a success for flying while others float
I unpack my fears
Gold and platinum grills could always exist
If Sarah's straight fine hair
Keshia's coarse curly afro
Or Maria's long wavy hair could all be deemed
to bear
I suffer alone in my 
Executioners Woe

I know I've made my lot in life
I could have passed your test
But society was cruel to me
Deemed sickened
of our soul decided with open hostility
Condemned here on earth, not deemed worthy of existence
But too hateful, selfish, or ignorant to bless our
from the highest form to the lowest of the low 
I've seen myself as kind 
As soft 
As aggressive 
And everything in between 
So he deemed me his cancer

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