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Your life wasn't breathable
You deemed me invisible 
And left me without something to hold

You made it so
You had control
You refuse to answer
to the bleeding fire
Find yourself in the mire
In the darkness
(In the darkness)
You take my hand
(You take my hand)
Deemed righteous
(Deemed righteous)
Light is
my life 

I know you tried
You tried to end my life 
So deep inside
My heart deemed to die

My will is getting stronger 
I only have one life to live
the Norns have carved out leads us 
To Valhalla to feast beside the gods to await Ragnarok  
Those deemed unfit reside in Hel ruled by Helliem 
The wicked
and hit the sink
Then I draw strings they're in between my teeth I am all linked
God thinks I am so deemed to abide it...
I can be that new thing that she's
All my people come with me
Those who broke the legacy
All the ones who they've deemed freaks
Come with me and you'll be free
They don't want us here
Subtle destructions deemed flourishing
Hustlers turned prison-mates to being re-birthed again
Potentially re-surging as the next Gandhi, Malcolm,
Before your spirits deemed unfit
You can't just fake it, make it

It's about skies
It's about the lows and highs
It's about looks, in the whites of our
I was deemed unfit by natural cause 
Helplessly preened 
Like a bird on a plate right in front uh ya jaws 
Love moves outta the way 
For a carnal
Hello vacancy
A reward that the sound 
Has deemed for me 

Regretful, if I seem to be angry 
Antagonistic hole in my sanctuary 
That keeps holding me
not, if you want me to, I won't
We had fun with the hours
That we deemed all to be ours
But the world is upside down 
Like an hourglass

Go out
I've become so apocalyptic
I can hear the clock tick
Watch the rise
And fall

What some would call as pessimistic
Deemed unrealistic
Is in truth
A fiery demon of old 
The Balrog multiplied 
And purified the world 

In hibernation they lay in wait 
To be summoned by those 
Deemed worthy 

Crush all,
of coming holocausts
Is it the well of hope as deemed to some 
Or the coming of repentless scorn

Only when none is left to be taken
To see how your grace has
We were bound by blood
You masked your face
Until all my trust
Was deemed misplaced
You're merely out for your own good
The joke's on me, I
Shunned, refused and cast aside
Branded, deemed as pointless matter
Rejected, viewed as an unclean beast
Stripped of all that you once were
No one had taken notice of her smile 
No one had spotted her tears 
No one had deemed her good or vile 
No one had calmed her fears 

But she
hands drip insistently 
Organs deemed venomous to you 
Surgery of impalement 

The blood drips from my hands 
Your flesh is warm upon my face
that be deemed, smarter
While living in a world driven by the prince of utter darkness
But we oughta see by now it's time to rearrange our mind frame
by those whose souls and hearts deemed hollow
Laying foundations for present and future generations to come
Making known what it means to keep it
say you're scared to death
'Cos that's like being terrified to live


On the day they judge my life
No doubt I'll be criticised
Deemed a man
sacred fails before profane
The wisest man is deemed insane
Even the purest of romantics compromise.

What fixation feeds this fever?
As the full moon
Afghan woman, deemed a princess
Born a true blue thoroughbred
Head a chiselled face of fables
Omen of no ill

Hills that spread around your chamber
the lands
that aimlessly await what is deemed
deemed to cast only suffering and death
to all who live and all who dream

for I am izual the fallen

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