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No retreatin', won't be comedic so please believe it
Was deemed conceited, so keep competin' and be deleted
Ignore the prejudice, overlord with
to overruling
Whats deemed as fine tuning
And in that surely scoring
With lyrics hot to the point of soaring
Also trees in droves
With hopes of vivid tropes
they've been deemed inadequate"
But I just saw a white man turn Washington to ash

Do you still love me still, the end of days is on the way
Do you still
Gettin' real acquainted
And only the strong will make it
But I was deemed a demon
Thought I talked to Satan daily
But with this strive for greatness
Bent ties loyal bond we Deemed to share
Behind manipulation so Endear  
Refined misperception Coming clear
Despise against 
Intentions to impair
take abuse 

We've annexed this planet as 
Our own, deemed it as 
Useless, so we glassed it 
All to the core, naught left
fathers name
This suffrage is worthless
A lonely home for the holy

You're sick of slaving your life away
For a ruler who hath deemed you unworthy
The hues of youth upon a brow of woe
Which Man deemed old two thousand years ago
(Not virgin-white)
Match me such marvel save in Eastern clime
(Like that old
Embroidered details deemed inane
Resigned to repeat all the same
Let’s do this thing again
Let’s do this thing again
Rhythmic remembrance
to you, and why it's ruthless
Godly told me never settle for mediocrity
Even when we kicked it
I was deemed a young Socrates
Did I ever get scared of these
The powers that be deemed it's not quite his time
No mission ordered, Lady Luck by his side

It's funny how life takes such strange twists and turns
How one
to self
Compression of reality, forcing us to consider
What is deemed satisfactory
Push it through, eyes-cross, spine roll 

Flow, flow, flow,
your dream
I've been knighted and been deemed
The resurrector of
Hopeful America
Get a job if they're there
Don't be pullin out your hair
Mr chocolate
and now I travel wayward
I left my old pals, they're not the same, seeing first hand the way they've changed
Pushed it till they were deemed degraded, I
deemed worthless by all those who loved and hated him equally
May he rest his head upon the watchful eyes of your command 
And tell you all his secrets
Before Cosby was deemed Ungodly
Yall was still eating Chocolate Jell-O pudding
Did y'all find it ironic that he was only the spokesman for Chocolate
'Cause sound's been slowing 
The shouts of Romans 
Across the fields we once deemed protective 

It's the night
the stream
Wherever it leads me that's where I'll be
On my purpose, waking up
I feel re-deemed
Where my mind just wander through the stream
Wherever it leads
believe in
From now and for the following eternity 
You will be deemed coward

If the first Prometheus
Brought fire from heaven in a fennel-stalk
The last
aside the truest nuances, that inner pride and joy deemed foolishness 
Wishful thinking to have a mind unabashed by societal well-being 
Live it all
through this pain
Gently bending but never broken
I'm just another fool to this rat race of life
Maybe I'm just deemed to be as weak as everyone else
the shore
Rushing through the night
Remind us of the solemn place
Where lovers once were so
Combined; at once their love was
Deemed no more, trembling child
your head up
And say to yourself
I am the Redeemed ('deemed)
Oh I am the Redeemed (I am the Redeemed)

I am the Redeemed of the Lord
I am the Redeemed
Dr. King's speech
Race, hate, violence
Bodies buried to knee-deep
Pain from catacombs
Deemed to be make-believe

Disabled, Africans, nameless

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