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Though mostly quiet
And deemed inactive
She providing
Subtle comment staring
Holes in empty space
‘Cause she don’t have to say
Her eyes explain
Can't change what the past has deemed fine
Dream away to the days you were mine
I'll sleep in beds but the memories fade
Only time I'll be happy
And got these video queens, They flashing skin to be seen
And their ain't no doubt about it yo It's every girl's dream
To be deemed esteemed as your Nubian
I wanted those good friends to always stay
But someone deemed it obsolete
The old ways gone - just hit delete
And that my friend must be the modern
aside the truest nuances, that inner pride and joy deemed foolishness 
Wishful thinking to have a mind unabashed by societal well-being 
Live it all
through this pain
Gently bending but never broken
I'm just another fool to this rat race of life
Maybe I'm just deemed to be as weak as everyone else
dream that I deemed
Worthy of letting go
But my sights have been set on escaping from the unknown
So I
Drift over to liquor stores
That I know will be
America, my old friend, now it seems you're deemed as highbrow
Don't leave me at the door. Please do invite me into my house 
From where does this
no luck, deemed myself as the rut
Because I work to get them out of that stage, I give 'em a hand up
Then they let me drop, as they walk away
Say thank
doubt's deemed emphatic, impeach this derelict idol

I have been made ever so idly conveyed that I never speak
I have remained ever so
(I'm trembling
trick pony with a million approaches 
Deemed unfit only cause I trolled a lot of tories 
At a party where they told me they don't know who ken loach is
up this may not be comfortable
But to my tribe like a Seminole
Your boy was deemed unacceptable
But I carry this special flow
Wait, begging your
Candles lit, yet warmth avoids me
Voices hushed, but I hear everything 
Queen of the cold, they've deemed me in my head, I wish I was dead
Alone with
the day that they have me deemed

Hop in with a verse adlib like ''aye''
Mission on my mind trying to reach L.A
Girls on my line wanna be my bae
Send me
When you moving through the night, pray up and close ya eyes
Dont let yo fantasies mislead you, when reality you need true
Misunderstandings deemed
deemed illegal
In a world of slaves
Hella blinded by raves
Beautiful bodies displayed
Distraction is a faction
The passion of being passive
So we get
and others deemed genetically defective
Rotting on the grounds of Buchenwald

Many years have passed since that fateful day in 1945
The image burns my brain
den lef homi's
The wey we speck the beat its just prolly
The whole sect is deemed to act folly
With more sense, its all things 
With more bands, so fuck
Who am I to you? 
Just someone else? 

When the one we want to hold is deemed forbidden 
And love is just a myth, or it seems it hidden 
Somewhere in
for your predatory policies

Call it prophecy or destiny manifested 
Your culture is deemed irrelevant 
All hail development 

No let the cold truth
you know
Understanding this, and applying that logic to the amazing alternate reality deemed as the internet 
I believe it truly is possible to spread
comes to full fruition

Purify the bloodline

The colossal gateway deemed inconsequential
A scarce convenience at the expense of a world
Ancient messiah,
be deemed destruction to the current games functions
Additions to my division earn commission from the (Fuck it)
Shut up and listen
The demolition from
when I rhyme for better times
Mad skill with a swagger untouched, better never been seen
Branded new, deemed king in this Hip scene
I kick it tighter

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