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of lies that was deemed to be my life

I don't know what tomorrow brings, and I know its not
Gonna be wedding rings, crowning kings and better things

What if I told you that heaven is far from reach
And that you don't belong in Eden you're deemed as a fallen being
Would that be awful
He told me my
plague's claimed scores since the insurrection began
At this point the situation has been deemed a catastrophe
From behind the callousèd eyes of unrest
tired of confusion 
Some are murdered left unheard of
Some are martyrs for a new script 
Some are forgotten when deemed useless 
Some are targets for
a partnership with Jesus father
To walk on water with a heap of armour
My revival be deemed
The awesome Kamikaze effect 

Skill got no copy or rotting
Still hot
What happened to being friends
What happened to just us two
I guess it depends
What happened to me, what happened to you
Lives deemed insufficient
Easy as a Summer breeze
Soft, sweet and delicate
Qualities I once deemed unseen
You came along, proved me wrong
Your qualities, simplicities,
at universities
And should it come to swords
We'll shield ourselves with degrees

And do you feel blessed by the powers that be
Those unknown souls who deemed you
daydreams become nightmares
When the cold welcomes you in

When your work just goes unnoticed
When your thoughts are deemed irrelevant
When your study is
on civil
They kept us in a ness like our name was Mitchell
Or threw us in a cell like our trait was sickle
A nikka: That's what they call us we not deemed
Statuesque and sublime
Those deemed unworthy
I represent salvation
Weave the thoughts that entice
Whispers of liberation
Such things hold the steepest price
that triggers you
You are deemed crazy

I do not believe anyone is crazy
I feel like that word discourages people of color
And creates an insecurity
And with a
I take the life of a man
Deemed worse than I!
Am I good?
Am I bad?
Can a man judge on behalf
Of a world so
that was the point that it got dire
Deemed a liar, wings clipped and I was stripped of my attire
Villainism wasn't my decision
He created everything, he
a mothafuckin flutist
Turn yo back on the gang then we pull a fuckin Brutus
Nigga gon bet his whole life on some hubris
You've been deemed Ron Stoppable you
they label me a heathen and deemed me rebellious
They control with propaganda
We must understand that
Know that the system is a snake
The biggest
they will understand
That I've been touring round the world
Just deemed to lead a one man band

I don't think I'd like to live a million years
It's too
disagreed, automatically you deemed me dismissive
Is it selfish to expect you to respect my wishes?
Only Providence knows how I yearn kisses
Is your daddy
better cut and run
You better cut and run
You better cut and run

You better run
Imma come with a loaded gun
Loaded gun

The town is deemed with empty
Following the man who deemed 
It possible to be anything 
Spread the good news
So folks don't got to be blue
Said spread the good news
So folks don't gotta be
deemed perfect at the seams
But by all means... things aren't what they seemed

Traversing digital horizons, we are the vanguard of hope,
Though we suffer
Life can now be deemed deranged again 
You never feed your suffering 
So feed on words and never die
Follow me in the fray

The rising you will
your safety, please return to your homes,
We remind you that any abnormal behaviour
Will be deemed an insubordination”
And expressed slander as if for sport, and was deemed unfit for the throne
The young bird hated his home just as much as they hated him
Everyday he professed his

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