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places at one time is plenty
Two places at one time is plenty

Corrosion on my skin
Deemed to always ride the wind
Anti Hero
Not a villain
Same hand that
being deemed to be demeaning the Earth
We be too mean to be teaming with birds
To be teaming with dolphins and speaking their words
We are leaving our
Refugees singing theme music 
I was in the classroom 
Learning from them yutes that you deemed stupid 
Threw up the smoke screen but we seen through
the University
She saw a lit sign that she deemed intriguing
It said The Olympic Pool
Passed a flask out in front of the door
She reached in her jeans and produced
It has come to see the light of day
A newborn unlike the lords image
Repugnant grotesque and unholy
Therefore it is deemed unworthy
Egotistical sleuth
Who hung the convicted on a noose
Was deemed uncouth
That's why i rather keep my distance before they shoot
Because they will shoot
It's only
from the same place but we feel the same within
Deemed a criminal and three-fifths of a man
Though I'm coming of age it just still feel so hard
friends forgetting, that I'm deemed 
Demented by a church content with, leaving me 
Guessing why God protects 'em

Y'all wouldn't miss me 6 feet
Y'all gonna
you cant afford it
'Cause it's deemed more important
That money is earned 
Than the world being fucked

And thanks to the man behind the desk
who doesn't give a shit
I care plenty
Now excuse me, I was unaware that you bare the crown
When and where were you deemed the king of me now?
the very best
But I'm wicked to you, so I'll never rest
Whatever i said you deemed wrong
Whatever i felt you named fake
What happened to the kindness
When i
narrative of an errant teen
And I reckon I’m prolly less straightforward than my parents deemed
Self-confidence a work in progress; that’s cool though
I feel
in a house of cards
Wonderland her front yard
Her kiss is deemed a curse
Spend the night
She won't do knees
She wants cash or keys
Her thoughts wicked
sore pain in my ass
That expects me to be deemed worthy
This is Brittney’s Army lemonade
An album to remind you of the sour taste
With a song that
gold and never green
Super Lemon, Sour Blue
I'm dabbin' like a fiend 
They deemed it evil
Now it's all about the CREAM
Ever since it's legal
Seems like
Won’t you just take me and
A turning point for me
But i’m deemed a martyr
I've lost my way, but you say
That you’re willing to barter
You’ll, take
of aeon through tragedy was deemed
A void of darkness through light swamped the remnant
A path of blood echoes of resentment
Fiery, blazing, aching,
sight or lack thereof
For situations certainly may not seem perfect
Is the wait that you’re weathering deemed worth it
I rely on my truth (my
upwards for better days
Some said, that I’m deemed special ed
On a regular basis, I never pray
The realization that a nigga agnostic
Said “Fuck you I’ll
I Hear Is, deemed the official sound of 2020 by
Major music blogs right here on Myth FM
I am your host, Mr. Glassy
The weather is beautiful today
already deemed and judged as nowhere near important
We were ignorant but we still thought we matched together perfectly just like exponents
Just because we
I can't see, attack me
agree and you're deemed to get smacked 
Fuck all you remixing tracks
Keep this intact
Peep how I creep with my pen and my pad
Are they worthy, you say
To hold a heart deemed pure
Your losing grip, its hard to look back
But babe, what are the plans we made

Oh we're finding
the soul
Instead of vying for a sense of pride
Dead words to rule the meek
A set of icons deemed obscene
Buried inside
Is the construct that seeks your end

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