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the Cosmos will once more be deemed worthy of worship and wondering Reverence
And God, the maker and maintainer of the mighty fabric, will be adored by the men
deemed them
So perfectly cursed
So perfectly confused
But they are blessed to see every shade of blue in your shirts
So, I'm sticking with the kids
at night
And dollar companies going to South Devon chilli farm

Items published by the emergency lumberjack
Deemed to be really pointless
And the first one
I started writing, every day
Carried my sorrows near the bay
They were too heavy to follow the stream
So they hit the riverbed where they were deemed
Something's got to change
Not to say something
Deemed a crime
Daily we turn a blind eye
Crying to God
Saying why lord
Wonder why we get no reply
Maybe cuz we
Ripples spread, unwed, frenzied unveil
To my eyes, rational thought pulverized
I revise, every restraint now deemed as a lie
I can die, forever once
was a problem child
Always deemed as wild
All while
I was laid up in my room
Just Chillin
Just muse
Used to steal
My Moms music
When somebody betrays their thoughts feelings and reliance
They could once be deemed to themselves as admirable
Perhaps turned to a cowardice
it’s not easy being green
These days it’s the norm and the singer’s deemed obscene
In front a friendly face - in the back the cabal
If not for double
Day breaks and my affliction
Hangs like a stone from the hooks in me
Iconoclast, deemed a pariah
For the light I bring and the truth I'll be

controlling what's inside me
They will have their way
Deemed inhuman
Don't you see why
Generations stood before me
Now, they rot down below me
I have ended
Quinzel, we can get romantic
Enough with Joker's antics, I'm a killing machine
That's been invincible deemed, once in the rhythm of things
Last night I went
deemed a threat
They both turned their back
And that was hard to take
I felt my heart break
Thinking 'bout the harder days
So take a trip with me
He can save you 
Spin like a merry go
When I inherit flows
I am coherent so

Cold world freezing veins of ice
Drugs are deemed the human vice
Sex is
rent due
Hope the government deemed what you do as essential
Either way, here's a stack of cash
We'll be taking this back
With interest from your taxes
whole style needs service 
Shit all I do is leave earth with these verses 
Since back when I was deemed worthless 
I still am I'm just a tweaked version
To let my dreams convey their sites
then achieve what they incite
Til deemed a genius of various types
I carry on and kill beats
Leave carrion it's filthy
to steal a base
From pictures stalking
My range of motion, spread between the plate and dirt
Evenly, was deemed to be like beady beads
Can't brush me off
the humanities!
I shall be deemed a pioneer when they hear me     
I'm going to create my own field of so-called "research"
And I shall call it: - Age Theory
Humans we do not come in peace
Our planet has been destroyed due to countless years of war
Planet earth has been deemed habitable
Prepare for your
So this is who we are now, justified
In topping charts to drive them right out of style
Grown immune to their contempt we've deemed innocent 
At odds
What if I told you that heaven is far from reach
And that you don't belong in Eden you're deemed as a fallen being
Would that be awful
He told me my
plague's claimed scores since the insurrection began
At this point the situation has been deemed a catastrophe
From behind the callousèd eyes of unrest
tired of confusion 
Some are murdered left unheard of
Some are martyrs for a new script 
Some are forgotten when deemed useless 
Some are targets for

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