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Beneath these branches 
I once wrote such childish words for you 
I held a dandelion 
When summer burned the earth again 

Sad, so sad 
Sad, so sad
Turpentine and dandelion wine I've turned the corner and I'm doing fine
Shootin' at the birds on the telephone line pickin' 'em off with this gun
you through
Pills might make you feel less uprooted
Blue skies, dandelions
Just got a new supply in

I know it's hard growing up on top
I'm blind to them

Gone are your dandelions, falling like mine
Falling on land-mine pillows
Tired angels save my love for the lasting one

out to play

All of life was now
And the future seemed so far away
And we'd shine shine shine
Runnin' through the dandelions in the summertime
and maybe lose yourself
While your free spirit flies.

August skies, and lullabies, promises to keep
Dan-de-lions and twisting vines clover at your feet.
Don't care for gardenias
Rather have a dandelion
Don't like weddings much either now
And things that you can't rely on.

But you make me feel good
off dandelions
Assuming roles from nursery rhymes
Rested on the riverbank
And grew up by and by, and grew up by and by
Frail my heart apart
dandelions on my way to school 
Big Beautiful Sky! 

Panic start it's just enough, a little, too late 
Park calls! 
I'll not go to school today 
and the mud would rise
Through my toes in the summer time
August heat would dry that clay
Dust went flying like a dandelion

I was glad to see the blacktop
Turpentine and dandelion wine
I've turned the corner an' I'm doin' fine
Shootin' at the birds on the telephone line
Pickin' 'em off with this gun
and fluttered his face with the fuzz of a dandelion.
Long about noontime
Floating 'cross the field, Georgie heard the peel of a bell being rung by the parson
Tell me the time
Dandelion clock say, "Quarter to nine"
The garden awakes
A passing bee says, "That every thing's fine"

Eyes wide, deep inside, now
Your rye whiskey mouth
And your dandelion teeth

This is the Golden Age
This is the Golden Age
This is the Golden Age
to let each other
Rest in peace
Then it was back to the sky
Oh look at her fly
Like that mama bluebird
Protecting her kids
And those dandelion wishes
to pray
But as I grew, that flower changed
She started flaying in the wind
Like golden petals scattering

And I miss you dandelion
And even love you
Sun eyed dandelion,
Seen you garden gnomes gone pass by?
Small one wear a pointy red hat.
The big one he just that he real fat.

If you see them
awkward and you can be slow
That's why I'm here in right field
Just watching the dandelions grow

Playing right field can be lonely and dull
to the ground
It keeps your smiles turned down

dandelion compass and the bible and pin
Seen some seasick sailors since the origin
You may sift your bread you can
(that's all)

Bring your love to me
I will hold it like a dandelion
One I want to save, one I want to keep
From the breeze that follows me and no one
She awaits far more the 
Smell of dandelion
Love dripping with blood
A mask to cover her hate
And a hand to cover the mouth

He bites away
:: chrysantemum :: 

for you I'm a chrysantemum 
supernova, urgent star 

:: astera compositae :: 

for you i'll be a dandelion 
a thousand
the daisies 
In her footsteps
Dandelions, butterflies
I want to be Kate

Everyday she wars the same thing
I think she smokes pot
She's everything I need,
on my yellow overcoat
You wouldn't believe what I saw
Oh it

I hid in the lilacs
I watched the figure dancing
But the dandelions saw me

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