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I wanna feel more than ever what you got

The smell of your cool water makes me hot
Run, dada, he knows the G-spot
And wear me or go dime
But let's just act like you're my lady tonight

Um dada da badum, yeah

I like it (I like it)
I love it (I love it)
It feels good to me
da da dada dee
I'm talking 'bout you and me 
And the games people play
Oh they make one another cry
Break their hearts and they say goodbye
pumping, blow like a trumpet
The foolishness of niggas bullshit
Who you trying to push bitch? Booyakah, full clip, don dada
You no test me Shabba Rank
When dada go so 'Pow' and
Uzi go so 'Pow' but
'They Jus Can't Stop Me Now'

This ain't serious,
This will make you delirious.
If we didn't buss,
Trick Daddy Dollars/
Don Dada/
A f****n donk rider/

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bitch, said she ain't going, I took her to Popeyes
Why lie? She ain't pull her pants down, bye-bye
Why lie? I got six kids, I'm a da-da
Ride in that
hard, I'm a rockstar
Rudy in the cut, he a top shotter
If I send the word you a done dada
These niggas broke, got no dollars
I'ma run the money up, no
With hardcore flows to keep a nigga dick rock
Sippin Ziffendales, up in Chippendales
Shop in Bloomingdales for Prada bags
Female Don Dada has no broblems
esta dada
Yo ya me voy…
Ya no hay remedio
Que me gano con llorar
Adiós mi prietita linda
No te pongas a llorar
Yo ya me voy
Algún día yo he de
With a stone-cold neck, I'm so charming, oh, oh

Do-do-do do-do
Do-do-do do-do
Do-do-do do-do
Da-da-da da-da

Isn't love all
the day I go under (dada)
My son recorded that for me
When I die, I'ma leave you my money

Pour up my cup and I sip it (I sip it)
Whatever I want, I go
knowin' that I live like fuck them niggas
Don Dada, it ain't shit for to touch them niggas
Got a show for a check, gotta rush to get it
Northside in
'Cause murder she wrote it, yeah
Me's a shotta, she's a shotta, we some don dadas
Steff from London, wan' fi put mi lips pon' yuh like the grabba
cristales empañados por la humedad
Y los condones en la gaveta por si se da, si se da-da
Tú eres adicta al perreo
Pero más al bellaqueo
Sesenta y nueve
Bloomingdale's for Prada bags
Female Don Dada has
No problems splitting cream with my team
Shit's straight like nine fifteen, y'nahmean
Cruise the diamond
of sayin' that
I'm tired of thuggin', now I'm tryna see where the love at

DaDa, how my son approach me, I'ma shout out
Bitch, I be that nigga knock your
Tadadadadadadada dadadadada
Tadadada ooh
Tadadadadadadada dada, ooh

Going on, my first impression, I recall you wearing white
There was something
of these so called Don-Dada's
That's starin' me up & down, I say what's up and clown, 

'Cause I get around
Like my nigga Pac do, and once I start
I'm a super cat, from don dada to dusk, don't bother to touch
I got firm clutch on the grip and the bucks
I might ghost ride a tank, take a ride
(what?) I'll bust your ass up (bitch, what?)
I'ma take it, young nigga, and I'm ready to mask up
Telly Hankton on the street, I'm a Don Dada (ay)
Yeah, uh, uh
NLE the top shotta don dada

Me and gang we on them Percocets, the AR's and I'm clutching TECs
My choppa need a bra because I

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