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You will pay
For the way you did behave

Curtain has fallen
Now you're on your own
I won't return
Forever you will wait

You're wondering now
on the stage, center of the lights
Dripping in smiles, they come on down
Take your seat now

Put on a private show
Pull the curtains until they close
I put
the stage and opened the curtain

Something tells me my waiting is through
I hope something is telling you too
Something whispers that we'll never part
Not a dry eye in the house.
After loves curtain comes down.
Listen and you'll hear the sound.
Hear the sound of a heart breaking.
I can still see
She's a bad little actress
Gets no curtain call
But the worst of all
When the curtain falls
There's no one at the backstage door
I'm more
go on and cry wall, yeah!

Low crawl, low crawl, low crawl
Once again you pulled us out
Where's your [?] where's your curtain drawn?
Low life, low
the show

Time to close the curtains
Come on in the stage is set
Before the show starts mic check
Tonight is so exclusive
We should make it
said that
The jester comes undone
A wreckless gambling pace
With time enough to borrow
Time enough to measure
All of our tomorrows

Curtain call
Life isn't easy when two are divided and one has decided
To bring down the curtain and one thing's for certain,
There's nothing to keep them
would sing with the birds in the morning
Laugh with the wind in the cold end of night
But people from behind their curtains, said he's not quite right
Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I saw
Was the sun through yellow curtains, and a rainbow on the wall
Blue, red, green
of your Telecaster
You might miss the way I keep the beat

Time keeps slipping through the curtain
From this point on there's nothing certain
all fall to their knees
It's not all first nights at all
here's nothing more dull than a curtain call
`Get on with it'
Playing Romeo, you make your
Now curtain the moon
But faith swears
It will shine again soon
Shine with love 
You've been hiding from me

Your kiss
Has hindered my
There were always be a stage, a song for me 
Hold the curtain open, It's time to take a bow

Being me I laugh seeing now and then 
So many things have
beyond time
Reach through every curtain clouding mind

Greet each blinking dot before your eyes
Weep with tender rose petals sighs
Slip under the crack
life before the wind
Scattered you back home

As the curtain is falling
And you sing your last song
May the circle be unbroken
As the band plays
as mine 
I'm coming home 
Change has been 
Change will be 
Time will tell 
Then time will ease 
Now my curtain has been drawn 
And my heart can go
a bridge
Sails wave good bye
Behind a curtain 
Activate and join 
My mind devoid 
Reinstate my beloved 

And there light will pave the way that you go
Open your senses in a sexual union
There's a face behind the curtain
Be a help and not a burden
Try to wash off blood with blood
Fake no evil
Hey Light
In the curtain, in the room, in a well-made bed for two, I'm walking

Hey Light
I'd forgotten work today, 'cause you should work all
You can fool some people, sometimes
But you can't fool the world

Nobody notices, nobody cares
The curtain falls to no one, no where
No light in this room
Blue painted walls black curtains
Night all the time
She's waiting night and day

She's waiting for you

Candles are

Soft is the light as the curtain rises
It's your moment of truth

This is your encore (Take center stage)
One more bow (Remenber)

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