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"An iron curtain has descended across the continent of Europe."

" Jackie Robinson goes to bat for the first time in a Major League."

"Old soldiers
on my feet
I'm money minded, saw my people progress
Paranoid, I'm underneath a bullet proof vest
Staying stressed, peeping out the curtains knowing death
like a horror in a dream.
She dodged behind the sofa, she tore down a curtain rod,
But Victor came slowly after her, said' Prepare to meet Thy God.'
your curtains peekin, you the softest goner 

For your bitch, run up off her like, â??GET OFF THIS CORNERâ?? 

Outside wit dead weights who dat in
curtains, I'm inadvertently hurtin' you
How many verses I gotta murder to
Prove that if you were half as nice, your songs you can sacrifice virgins too uh!
the white house raise the black hand

[Verse One]
You under estimate K 'cause you feel certain
now you hurting for going head up with the steel curtain
the light and draw the curtain
Will I find peace, son, I'm not certain
In dark, quiet places feelings go
Beatin you down all hard and slow
Oh-oh-oh-oh... oh
the white glove
I'm above, show you love for the general
Bag me the emeralds, never end the jewels
Attendin school of thoughts, red curtains, white turbans
is da man!


Draw back the curtain, planet earth is hurting for some answers
They walking in darkness with no lights in they lanterns
a lie
Under the dying moon
Pale-faced laughs doom
Indulges in delight

It's getting out of hand
The final curtain will fall
Hear my voice
There is
a burden
Learn till its curtains and the world stops turnin
Fuck what they earnin we yearnin for real answers
Tryin ta build cancers and still make advances
it hurts 
And took the Father of this only son six feet up under dirt 
He dimmed the lights upon my stage 
A light, but they closed the curtain 
the fear of livin' with the pain.
Or is it all about weakness, temptations curtain tricks or findin' someone to blame"
The Idler said "I'm gonna call it
and the curtains
I'm for certain, this sucker right here
Gonna die like a bitch motherfucka right here
Get that ass chalked up, I'ma trace you
Pull out the twelve
lecture girls for sexual healing
My microphone is like shower-curtain
Reveals the naked truth, call me Promoe Perkins
A swedish psycho, travelling
that cat's bastard
I dead opinions and swap it out for the urges
Of a serpent tryin to stuff it in the jam before the curtains

He's numb
in a forty ounce of guessing
Pretending that the morning won't come tearing through the curtain
Burying my mother's effigy, cursing and burning
refusal to bow out to some abstract curtain
and exist backstage by the sandbags and pulleys
Hell fucking no! I exist to be seen
to see and be seen, to push
I seal my curtains when I write, I feel disturbance from the light/
I deal with dirt and yet I want to heal the earth and peel the surface to reveal
a muppet on a string, suppose I close the curtain. My prediction, I'm holding tight like constriction. there's too much confliction, now I'm living, fact not
バカな会話 幸い間がもって
I know I'm off my onion
And ひかりモノ Mania
お似合いの Mini
Marmalade Magazine Camera
roll Smoke
派手な Curtain の向こう潜入
To think a spider couldn?t´ weave a curtain just like that (break)

I wouldn?t be here without Your light
I?m finding my self on the strive all the time
And you know ain't nobody perfect
And when the curtains close
Open up the doors
No more

See we're losin' this world we love
And it looks
everybody go
Your the reason I be kissing the clouds
And walk through the curtain and captivate the whole crowd
You're the reason I've existed all along

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