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Sound that you're lovin'
Givin' givin' us a pound pound
Full full force force
Lisa Lisa Cult Jam
All all night night
Listening to dope man 
Children of terror
Elders are slaughtered
Blood sacrifices
To the god of corn
Cut and hack the flesh
Morbid killing cult

Messengers of death
I think it's dumb
I won't succumb to the cult of cool.
To the cult of cool.
To the cult of cool.

To them you're just a number on a page
A target
Simon was an engineer
Scientific stratosphere
He lost his mind long ago
And no one knew
Accumulating cult-like literature and such
Writing he wrote
like a beach

No cult
No revision
I was saying
At the curb
I was swaying
I was wave washed
Wave washed
Knocked down
to redemption 
When pain rises high in purgatory 
A reality so convincingly justified 
Feeding from Death Cult's gown

We bring forth monstrous birth
Selected by a secret cult
Judged and approved, opinion given
Reasonable ricks, superior pain
Praise this cult and reverse the cross

Crown of charm,
your side

Guyana in the cult of the damned
Give us your word for the grand final stand
Guyana in the cult of the damned
Give us your word for
Light the black candles
Darkened ceremony begins

The cult of blood
The opening of hell has been done
The cult of blood
The hour of magic has
of galertic light 
And life 

Figures finding form 

Dance culture 
A manifesto of cult 
Dj cult 

Blank and jones 
The druids of rave
and dip slip the hip now grip
To the Techno house of hip

'Cause this is the cult of SNAP

Hard to hold It's burning cold
We make the jam broke
Con la voce non con la webcam 
E solo io so quante ne ho prese ma 
Tutto questo era un cult

Non era un gioco comunicare 
Prima che il Nokia fosse
me power
The Cult of ?
This will be your final hour
Kill for blood

Now I will kill forever


Burn from this ?

Kill for blood
last respect!!!
What side the cult will choose,
Dancing Gothic cunt or South American death!

This night will be exodus
Our eyes will be one
Now what color is your hair today girl? What are you crying about? 
Please everybody sing... Dear Cult Hero, please come home. 
The boys and girls are
We have moved though time
Contemplate gold signs
Majik eyes a must
Dragons in the dust
Papalcy, the cult of existence
My demons run
Fallow drama
I'm listening for the fruit to fall, love
Baked in the footlight
Some buttermilk free love cult
Lady or the tiger
Our runaway summertime
the telephone, you know

Coca cola (propaganda)
Religion, (a cult they're telling you)
They're telling you it's the only truth
Oh yes they do

You try
We attack with spell
The mighty cult from Hell,
We Attack

Destruction, death and pain
The victims blood shall rain,
As we Attack
The cult of the evil or your sick imagination
Fear - Pain - Darkness
Destroys my mind
[Sounds of Basketball being shot around]
Sandler: "Hey man, I'm joining a religious cult."
Allen: "Now, that's ridiculous."
Sandler: "Well, I'm
the skies become a scroll
Having lost it's interest
See that's the deal we made
Just to join the oyster cult
The blue oyster cult

We understand, we
Cutting through the lamb
Cults of death
And Ragnarok
Calling down the end

Can you feel it
Can you feel it
Hammer of the Gods at hand
our eye
No doubt they are, doubting women
No doubt they are, doubting women

I was supposed to tell you about the case of a cult
It's called

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