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[Certainly the existence of the ancient cult worship of the god, Set, is not without some sort of seditious causality. Perhaps these, then, are the countless
the commission of Gordon
Cult class when I play with the organ
Now I'm a free, black man like Morgan
Knock your head out the park as if I'm Joe Black
cults, ancient spells, cryptic rites, the summoning!
Lore from time immemorial, acolytes, diabolists,
Blackened tome of blasphemy, the Chthonic
creator, I'm sinful
Papers stay viscous like religious cults
Leaders that drop scriptures, and rock clips or assault heaters
My Flipmode niggaz, we're like
Performing all day with Jay and the abott
makin the magic that has addicts celebrating their habits
I've got a cult following, of so many young adults
the room one time, BOOM
To da jaw, your face is a cult-type, Where all the
The blood is not bein' mixed, jelly on the floor
My love is Compton bricks,
let the cult demonstrate
The conflict gettin' crucial when the raw be killing em'

Come thirsty nigga
Punks be denied, ready to ride,willing to die,
better promotion" 
"Death is a final step!"

Check now as I look down, it's kinda tough swallowin'
The fact that I'm a dead rapper with a cult
will rise again
Bang bang headshot
My star will never set

When I am dead
you will still love me
The cult will overcome my death
When I am dead
Alarming enough to make the true patriots pulses high
Cult is like worship, Hindu and Buddhist rituals
Our lord Christ returning is grave due to his
with a veteran spits for loving his rocks
Typical suicidal schizophrenic cults
I don't know who to cut
And my guns are like to needles to you cause we
Cult VI Hystwise Skeemo don't holla

Niggaz can't touch my team
What would it take for you fucks to see you can't touch us
Rollin' with ya' thug named
as the army camp teachers
Cult VI - Sin City connect we marvelous
The girls the girls they love us!

I'll show you how great a great can be
'cause this is a cat
Do you want to take it
To the club oh shit on the floor Cult VI
To the streets to the beats to the boards
To the peeps holla back I can't
preposterous feel the awesomeness
The most obnoxious guest up at the sausage fest
Oh yes!
The girls are repulsed so I hide in my hood like I'm joining a cult
gente di merda
Dovrei cambiare, mia mamma ci spera, ma vivo alla vecchia maniera
Questo flow fa come crack, Emis Killa è cult come Buck
Ogni angolo di
Fiction è più Pulp del previsto
Salmo è come un cult, ma sei pazzo? Non l'hai visto?
C'è gente che respira ancora non sa che esisto
Allora comprati 'sta
(I do believe in the cult, but I grew up Christian)
Ah fuck it oh well

Oh God if you exist I need you to forgive me for the way I feel
I you need
(La Santa Muerte) I know you hear me 
I wrote it fucked up, you see it clearly 

Enter the cult of the death’s gods, traffickers and ex-cons 
Zombie the logo, test us a no-no

Yeah, I spent some years on the road (huh)
Think it's time I come back home (huh)
Hoard that money like a cult
with any army member or cop
I'll send 'em a shot 'cause cult VI cats'll attack
We hit the block til' we can build a castle with crack
No hasslin black
with a nut and a bolt screwed in
Don't care what cult you in
I'm AWOL like I'm D. Trump's new plan
I be givin' you some mo' action, mo' thrashin'
I got choppas galore
I got ammo in bulk
All black in this bitch you would think
I was part of a cult
If I don't go and get it
Than it was only my

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