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faith was lacking some things
I'm starting all over with composition sticky like doja
And I thought I told ya when I come through I'm crushing like
through the highest frequencies in the NYC
I'm crushing 97.1 percent of MC's

The KFC when it comes to busting
We stay on crushing
But they got to holla for that dollar
So when I holla out the window of my friends Impala
assumptions, I take pride in my crushing
Some chicks saying they want me, they show it when they taunt me
But if she hot as hell, I know they gone demote me
customers a hustler of the diction
Crushing my afflictions, I'm sick in the mind
Depends on how you ask
And I can do anything depending on the task
I tend
bout to lock it up, beneath the key
S-E-N-S-E-I, that's me
Get ready for three minutes, of constant head rushing
Crushing mice, it's a verbal head
shining days
You know there's no letting go
Forever I'll be crushing
on your love
Won't be long (Won't be long)
Won't be long (Won't be long)
I'll soon be
(Let bygones be bygones
So I crawl home with no shoulder to cry on) If your soul can pay the toll
No crushing, no houses to send flowers
Syre cried
crushing on speed beat with the triple 8 car
Another 8 ball came when I came and called my name
In the place I made breakin' in the game claw
This ain't
bar souvenir, nigga keep your ears locked
Dog you must got me chop
Everything about me rugged
Low rugby ruckus, my middle name and I'm soul crushing
Auditory where the Listener would stick it

Fiction, we're steel, when it breaks from the construction
Crushing your framework and far surpassing your
crushing 'the lincoln'! 
Now, the man in the checkered suit, well, 
Without his car he went screaming off into the desert at sunset
All the way
my gaze only to realize
I am surrounded by beauty that will never be mine
As regret like a wave came crushing over me
If I had only known that such
disrespectful, standing on our dreams
And crushing 'em, I just told her it's nothing do what you need to do
If I ain't feeding you
Then my opinion's all I'm
a cliff), well it dropped thirty feet!

A bunch of dust puffed out! Rocks and boulders hacked up, (hack! hack!) crushing 'The LINCOLN'!

I gave him

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