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Love is holding hands beneath the sky
Crushing all our fears so we can fly
Now's the time to be all we can be
Feelings of the love so promising
Making time in a low rent highrise
No place to go downtown crushing crucifixion
Particles aching harmful descent take a shot and hide
Subway slam

so softly it grows when you don't wear your armor
Crushing the burden and confusion sour
Trembling high on every leaf
Raining light down on your
Notches on the steering wheel
My pet is calling me Rover
Deers are hunting for humans
Seals keep crushing our heads
Animals betting on us at the track
the air
Mortals burning at the cross
My ritual has begun
Eating out the innards
Crushing genitals on the altar
Disemboweled cauterized
Decapitated bodies
of the christians - SBSR

The man who has never been in the clutches
Of a crushing riper
Can never know what its poison is - its poison is

Sirens roars -
Armoured invader
Superior machine
Crushing its oponents
Battlefield screams

A blaze in the sky
Roar of thunder
Flames of hunger
Flame throwing hurricane
Destroys the cage

Bone crushing alien
God of salvation
Sad wings that heaven sent
Wipes out in rage

All guns, all guns blazing
stand in my way
Conquering all opposition
The battle is mine once more


Crushing opponents, I'll silence them all
With a hunger that's

If there is a show well of course we'll go
If it's hardcore we will not go slow
Kreuzberg hustlers we'll come crushing in
We're taking care
the giants' blood
Armour for a god
And armour to kill

Smashing and crushing
A weapon full of power
The time will come
The giants last hour

the common ways

The beast of a new age
Crushing everything in their way
Branded by the icon
The nine stages that makes us whole

Spew out your hate
What a beautiful day for a crushing defeat
What a stupid waste of sunshine
A funeral pace down a favourite street
But I have to come home
as slaves Any that survive

Burn their cities Topple their towers and their spires Crushing underfoot Centuries of their works

Scour their lands Burn
Sometimes I get frightened
In the safest little crisis
Caught between the falling pavement
Stinging eyes and crushing failures
Of a time in times
Will you dance
Two step killers
Violent moshing circles
Sick romance
Absorb transmission

Will you storm
Bangers, boots and
Bodies crushing bodies
Onwards into battle
Armies marching, seeking death
Fearless legions
On the road to hell, a killing spree
Crushing forces
With wicked lust they march
of you

And careful lovers wish for dead-skinned eyes
And the crushing blows to crush and blow
Before they catch the time for it to weep
But it never
My mind is in a state
'Cause all I seem to do is tempt my fate
Well I try every space
But all the while we're crushing at the gate
This time,
Smashing her torso her legs are contorted
The opening exposed crushing her pelvis
The labia torn
Fluids and blood provide lubrication
Fisting I
But I'm crushing your skull and your neck

The messenger of death, he's fallen from the skies
The signs of terror, arrival of the lord
that crushing feeling
That I'm forever giving up

(Give up!)

Can I keep myself from this need to find a reason
When I'll regret the answer and yet
Eyes fold up from the day
Once alone in this crushing space
The coast is clear for us to feel again 

The once impossible thought inside, that I

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