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manicures and
Signs for tanning salons and signs for wardrobe specialists
Signs for cosmetic surgery and signs for assertiveness training
And I stopped
a marriage of convenience
I got the true cosmetic love
I got a set of circumstances
That only last as long as either party says it does.

So much for love
Cosmetic photogenic
This pain is fleeting, ring out
Mechanical the passion
Your head is bleeding, slow down

Can't keep doing this
What you
Fractured skulls, 
broken bones, scalded flesh and blinded eyes. For medical research and
cosmetic testing animals suffer and die. 
Walls conceal
For medical research and cosmetic testing animals suffer and die.
Walls conceal the tortured
Victims of vivisection. Nothing of value can be gained
We're calling all allies down 
Because we're so sick of waiting around
Watching you simply destroy yourself, 
Cosmetics and all

Trying to not
of time
Remissions purely cosmetic
Seems like our features are cemented and static
So we are waiting for what this culture fears
The end of dress codes,
Fractured skulls, broken bones, scalded flesh and blinded eyes
For medical research and cosmetic testing animals suffer and die
Walls conceal the tortured
cosmetics run, run, run like ivory blood burns.
You keep coming back to get fucked on the operating table.
You keep coming back a different shade
the sores
Rejects at the trough 
Vulture the corpse 

Under suspicion 
The fools got the hyacinth blues 

The cosmetic harem 
Are nursing the newswire
radiation as a cosmetic 
to beautify inner fantastic, gory flow 
So, writing weak rhymes to your boomin system is no mo' 
when I induce arthritic
And you highly motivated by what money brings
You got a dope fetish, attitude to go get it
A little athletic, no need for cosmetics
A little bowlegged,
and fries with a smile
Or spraying perfume in the cosmetics aisle

Oh, a cheerleader might not have her GED
But she's pursuing one
Oh, a cheerleader might
There's no way to turn it back
You're never gonna be the same

Thought I'd be in a cosmetic bliss
Now I smell the stench of my own piss
All I wanted
our souls

We're all out in the streets
C'mon and give us a chance
Be an angel for me 
C'mon and fill our glass

Cosmetic man
We wish you
(Go crew)
Fame gang, what it do?

Yeah, cosmetics, okay, okay, yeah
(All day)
Go, go, go
(What, what, what, what)

El Nino, Brooke Ville, R.P, Rap Hill
Athletics, cosmetics, a weighing machine
Are part of the feminine daily routine
For what?

And oceans of lotions and potions you take
To keep
the ever-growing industry of cosmetic arts
Bombarded with idealized shots, dysmorphic, self-destructive plots

Physical flaws are a mental blank, a mental blank
accidentally restructuring
Epimysium covering

No need for anesthetics, your research for cosmetics landed
you here on my gurney, hurting, gurgling diuretics
or pain 
Final creation 
Pleasure or pain 
Final sedation 
Burning sensation 
Fills your face 
cosmetic displacement 
now takes place 
I move niggas telekinetic, who want to set it

Yo yo move...
Me and my dogs comin through
We the grain, go against us you feel pain
yo bitch like a cosmetic (bitch)
Fuck on yo bitch like a damn savage (yuh)
Run up the racks, it's a good habit (huh)
Spend a whole check on my neck
절대 될 
수 없어
Just like rihanna
You gonna shine bright like a
화를 꾹꾹 참으며 눈물 짜내는
네 모습이
널 더 지치게 하지만 더 번져버린
내게 걱정하지 말라는 맘 넌 없어
엉뚱한 대로 제발
Women have two weapons, cosmetics and tears

I'm a perfect house keeper
Every time I leave a man I keep his house
No women has ever hated a man

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