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A juxtaposition in fate
Find our mutual coordinates
Take 'em way back where I forged this
Off of forty third street and Warwick
Til the coordinates up at Strangeland
Metamorphosis of a changed man
I know the coordinates. I will help you. I’m gonna be your best friend
I’m gonna be in the band
Guess you actin' out now, you got an audience
Tell me where your mind is, drop a pin, what's the coordinates?
You might have a fortune, but you lose me, you still gon' be misfortunate, nigga

Take It There

Various Artists

Ritual Spirit


My coordinates it could be any voice cracks (Lots to lose where users use)
Unrepentant vagabond
Plot the new coordinates and cast the map aside
Now I gotta ramble on
Navigate the pitfalls and cross the great divide

Here I Come

Various Artists

Game Theory


In front of an audience
Disturbing the peace
And the local ordinance
This pimp shit popping
I need coordinates
I'll arrive by morning
Money long like the arms on Alonzo Mourning
Vampire chicks suck blood
And a gold chain, only had three figures
So fortunate, proportionate
Lost Boy, nigga, no coordinates
Remember Christmas? We was giftless
Three foot tree, no ornaments
Sensitivity (?afe the?) energy
Brain chemically contorted
With the coordinates to your ordinates
(No one can blame anyone
The moon is reflected in each puddle
There are no more coordinates
That I can use to find you)
Crank that siren high
Drain the wellspring dry
Map out your coordinates

Break The System

Various Artists

But you ever end up using a clip, then just toss it"
Nigga went to his coordinates, started making loads of flips
Niggas saw him walking shit, approached him hawk to spit
Prosperity don't live down the street 
You weren't born with coordinates on your face 
Nor with ten ton weights on your feet
We crack the code, we transmit coordinates
Black the glass, windows and doors
Searchlights swing low, we duck and we roll
Assassin lyricist, serious, muscle in this
I call the bets, I know we got coordinates on more games to wreck
We blaze shows, never no Half Step
Tactics, B-Boys, no games no antics
Meet attendance
And meet new men
Gaily browse a thousand vendors
Riff on dinner and coordinates
And It all just blurs again
Only sometimes have my focus
But reserve a general well-being
Where you've been?
Smashed up toy
Are you lost again?
Your circuits blown
Will you find your coordinates home?
Quarter bag mostly shake but this ol' have to due I guess
G.P.S. loaded with the coordinates
Of this bitch crib to receive love and nourishment
In the form of joints rolled, Drinks poured

Better Half

Various Artists



Well, this is the light
List the coordinates of your heart
Oh, this is the light
This is the crankshaft of your car
It's not better by far
I?m still here, Limey. Lt. Eubangdere, have the computer compu--course correction coordinates, engineering, curse creation--coor--crea--curs--uuh--engineering standby.

The Mission

Various Artists

Phat Rap Tracks


Yeah we're lookin good, raidin the skivvies now 
Stand by for coordinates on that supply drop 
and make it heavy on the lotion, whip cream, and vaseline
Given coordinates reveals the place we search
The field contains all info in states where time is still
Pull a map from a blip
Manipulate the cursor
Recharge our essentials set the coordinates then flow
Through a trillion miles of space with style embrace
Just use some innovation and close your eyes
And visualize us on the Enterprise
And set all coordinates on the subordinate
Rappers, beam em up, take their minds and broaden it

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