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Coordinate the marketing
Label publicity touring
Consult the presentation
Go ahead put this in context

It's three points on production
Fifteen percent
Crank that siren high
Drain the wellspring dry
Map out your coordinates

Send out scouts by day
Dole out mercenary pay
For restless young
in here, and like ey look, and I control it
I coordinate everything on this motherfucking site

This nigga said I wanna be free to be the biggest
Given away
Life is taken away

Coordinate the mutilations
Simplify the deviance
Rectify the situation
Bodies chopped with diligence
Eubangdere, have the computer compu--course correction coordinates, engineering, curse creation--coor--crea--curs--uuh--engineering standby.

With the coordinates to your ordinates

Upgrade your grey matter, cause one day it may matter

Yo, your recovery's slow
My dual input
Plus my modem
It's like some people got their wild wild hearts

And some others bide their time until they meet them
When co-ordinates are disappearing stars
puts in down in LA, hustle in this
Assassin lyricist, serious, muscle in this
I call the bets, I know we got coordinates on more games to wreck
We blaze
at half-time
Re-enact rhymes from my past life for a flashlight
Man, you don't know the half
Dash right to the phonograph
Throw your Bawlderdash
mio pensiero
E cambia le coordinate di spazio e tempo lo allinea al suono
Lo alleggerisce
La ritmica imitazione della natura
Dove tutto è ritmico e
think in decimals and dollars
I am the cause to all your problems
Shelter from cold
We are never alone
Coordinate brain and mouth
Then ask me what it's
And I'll try 'cause this time
If I hold them in I'll be coordinates
Give me some more music
I'll tend to read the lyrics
Like a bible, a gospel, a sing
Before space has a taste of its limits
And a new sort of coordinate awoke
Making time just another poor tenant
Bearing weight, taking fire, trading
the building alright?
He's on the premises, I need you three on the roof
You coordinate the left wing
He must not get into the terminal to access the "Funk Da
And a gold chain, only had three figures
So fortunate, proportionate
Lost Boy, nigga, no coordinates
Remember Christmas? We was giftless
Three foot tree,
The holy algorithm said, There's no way this song will work.
I mean sure, it's crap, but why be a fucking jerk? 
Change your coordinates man,
The money's always spent
Like coming from the wrong town
Is sure to raise a frown
Co-ordinates let you down

Like clouds rolling by
Straight across an empty sky
G.P.S. loaded with the coordinates
Of this bitch crib to receive love and nourishment
In the form of joints rolled, Drinks poured
Her in nothing but
cover every particle from there to Andromeda
Not forgetting a single location
From the throat of Ibis to the co-ordinate of Matterhorn

My shot is
tippin' they fedoras
Got the ladies bein whores cause we're ballin' out stores
I coordinate on everything I wore
So ladies know him now say, "That was
better coordinate you feet

Before I blast that ass
You'll be outcasting like a black sheep
Don't believe me what will it take for you to see me
(Coordination -- can more than one thousand people
Coordinate at the same time?)
Didn't ask to be here, taking what
to get ready to go
And to get into our bioweapons protective gear and clothes.
I rode shotgun, my partner Ramirez drove,
GPS control gave us coordinates
ornaments, if it moves stick a fork in it. Winners take all, killers rap all coordinates. Unfortunately courted by the most tenacious guardians whose aimless

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