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Talkin' half a milli for the weekend
Contract like a nigga play defense
Curtains in the maybach bitch peek in
Now the bitches wanna car hop
know that by the contract
Bottom line blood, show me where them one's at
That paper it get funny when publishing is involved
Mechanicals never mattered
and really had it all

Shout out my bitches fucking baseball niggas
That dress like Bamas with guaranteed contracts
Yeah, I see your vision, sick of prison
Plus I made all the beats and wrote all the raps
Well I really didn't, but I did accordin' to this contract
I was thrown in the snow with nowhere to go
the game, deeper than rap, boy
Just ask around in East Atlanta, I'm the landlord
Fuck a contract, I'd rather shake your hand boy
Yeah I'm your CEO but I'm
a contract on your head
You headed West, talk shit about Dre
You better get a vest and invest
In something to protect your head and neck
And it's back
horses, chasin' wild horses
Chasin' wild horses

Left my home, left my friends
I didn't say goodbye
I contract out to the BLM
Up on the Montana line
Bitch, I feel like Andre Drummond (Wow)
Thumbin' through a half a mil' on Instagram lookin' like I play on Sundays
You just chick who suck my
ain't, wrote this stuff
Silkk the Shocker, KLC perv and mash like, Snoop and Dre nigga
Y'all can relate to what it takes to get a contract like, MJ nigga
hit after hit while you search for a contract
Hotter than hot now watch how hot I can get
Leavin rappers freze dried and skimmer's dimmer's wet
a meetin' wit' these white folks talkin' bread,
They want a contract on a nigga till' I'm dead,
If I don't sign they gon' turn me over to the feds,
honour the contract 
If it hadn't crumbled away in my hand 
So we broke that vow independently now 
But I don't know why you absolutely deny 
You bowed
Contracts Practice Abstinence
I'm Masterin This Program, Hazin' These Undergraduates
So, Pimpin' Be Easy, Quit Catchin' Feelings
'cause You Worth A Couple
to kill
Contracts to fill
It's on ice but it won't keep

This old town is a sad affair
You be glad you're not there
It ties your hands
It spikes your
of the real, with a strap
On Prozac, D's and E-Pills, it's a wrap
Get the block on tip, two for tens of crack
I'm in a lifetime contract, Shady's back nigga
Get ya contract canceled
I'm out sidde first with pleny of amo
This full surface nig hard to handle
Nigga run up betta bet he get dismantled
Got him
Pablo Escobar crack money
That Lebron first nike contract money
That make it rain all my niggas throw a stack money
Stack it to the ceiling then call
contracts practice abstinence
I'm masterin this program, hazin' these undergraduates
So, pimpin' be easy, quit catchin' feelings
'Cause you worth a couple
Contract killa, murder for the scrilla
Search, find a nigga, run up behind a nigga
Shoot car windows out to flatline a nigga
Gun pop, heart stop, homie
The contract is on but I am the addendum
So wh-where my dogs at, Randy
Ma-ma-matter fact, get off my dick bitch, Andy
Ca-ca-ca-cause everything is fine and dandy
hooked to them IV's
(50 gimme the word) That's when I squeeze (yeah!)
Click-clack, take that, fall back
It's a contract, 50 grand, I'm 50 man

I put
a semitone
I forgot to say my prayers:
"Baby Jesus" on the stairs
Gotta sign the contract
Gotta get my money back
All the biters have to go
Standing in
(Kay Slay) on
Still got the world on my shoulders, a nigga headstrong
About to go in; you can lock my body
contract my mind, my thoughts keep escapin'
a speeding ticket for living my life too fast
I said sorry, pretty lady, it's a race against the clock and I don't like contracts
So let's make it a night

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