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The filth, the greed, immoral needs
The shameless urge of consumption
A lustful motive against a fool
One's will by force to be ruled

I can make you famous
I can make you something
Don't go back to Oklahoma
What's in Oklahoma?
You know this is not for
Public consumption
Mass Appeal, mass production
Mass destruction, crime, corruption
Wine consumption
On a private island wildin'
The sun threw shade 'cause it's jealous
all forgot what we're fighting for
A foolish prize we just can't ignore

Now it's consumption by design on the production line
We tally up the sums
of cancer
Could have been avoided, somebody made a big mistake
Substandard diet, consumption of meat led to this disease
Atypial polyps bringing you
If a man, A, who weighs 11 stone
Leaves from his home at 8:30 in the morning
In a car whose consumption is 16.25 mpg
At an average speed of 40
buyers buy and sellers sell
Public consumption of a private hell


While I have a life to live
Then I have no life to give
(Give us peace)
the cause
A stronger voice and a stronger law
But buyers buy and sellers sell
Public consumption of a private hell
(Give us peace) Give us peace in our
inside the clone chamber
??? production dodgin'?? atomic multiply if you supply fungi medicinal
Mushroom consumption digestion cannabis alchemy opium
the alignment 
I brought on the napalm program the gas context 

Consumption people they expect it 
Caffeine machine, MSG 
Fluorocarbons, monoxides,
the earth

Healing power resides in all the world's living beings 
On consumption of its soul
Terra must feed to be born anew
Let the darkness show you

Prepare for mass consumption human feast 
Start by removing the teeth 
Blade penetrates one thousand times 
Eroding flesh been kept alive 
Bleeding the meat
Bury your cross, heavy in the grave
Burn the apostate at the foot of the state
Increase production
Increase human consumption

I Accuse you
Consumption, we consume 'til the end, destruction, we will destroy ourselves. Lesson to be learned, but we don't, we consume, destroy our world, but
Reduced to nothing more than fodder
A farce of shifting insecurities
Drawn into view for all to see
Fit for nothing but consumption
Repeat the flush
Static is what I lay my head upon.
Watching you build this city:
Cities built upon an idea of eternity.
Refugees and restrictions.
Your consumption
Find another to sing along

We worship our corporate idols
False prophets we hold on high
Consumption our false salvation
Redemption's privatized

don't expect it
You don't respect shit
Your authority is meaningless
Consumption so careless
Its religious

Taking us for a ride
Taking us for a ride
in the rot
Of a dying world
I don't fucking get it

Inhumane Beings
Life in a world spoiled with consumption
Inhumane beings
Coerced into servile
Cluster all your streets and rivers
with the waste of your consumption
Just leave it there, someone else is gonna care
This entitlement is
No greater love in my skin rejoicing in their consumption 
Wolf sheep calf crow what sweeter nectar should we seek if my hide were laid by their feet
than life, don't let those guys trick you
Them poison the youths little by little
With foods that are genetically modified
For human consumption that
burning up

Consumption of your paradise

Inside the walls are painted gold

The architecture's beautiful but

You don't the see cornerstone

is rotten
In The End We'll Choke On Consumption
As Followers Of A Meaningless War
Continual History Of Inhumanity

We Need To Break The Peace
We've Loved For

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