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of desperation. mass production. exploit the poor. life consumption will be our downfall.
main consumption
don't play to battle me 'ro, or you'll get dumped in
The lake with them other fake cats that shoulda jumped in
I bang like Patrease(??)
I can't escape the sinking feeling
That everything is broken
In the beginning where it falls apart
The consumption of the things that comfort
the savior nailed to the cross

Infested larvae
Developing to form
Awaiting consumption
Possess the priest
Maggots roam
Throughout the decayed corpse's
Give it up to me money
The color green 
Turning gears of consumption 
Wind above the wings, money
After all this time after all this time knowledge I've gained can be put to 
use my consumption of truth beckons me to the everlasting I now speak
With no profits and the loss I can't stop it

And consumption lies at the heart of my bad habits
I live in a world where I want but can't have it
things you cannot run from
Like energy consumption
Non-renewable energy inna every area of production
The climate in dysfunction
Vulcanic eruption
Yeah yeah yeah
(Déshabille-moi et baise moi)

(Yeah, yeah)
Bury me alive, yeah
The only time I get to walk up on the clouds
Is when I'm high,
Did the thought of seeking beyond the boundaries of our enclosing existence ever cross your mind?
We get a fix on
Greed and consumption
Trained into
Arming the terrified with dreams of genocide
Fuels the machine of consumption and fear

So what's left all in all when they say, let them all burn
Feeding the needs of your greed
By trying to buy your bliss

Ownership of your property
Is generating ecstasy
Freedom of insane consumption
the baddest situation
Stress is locking you up for consumption
This is when I pop to the top
I guess I'm in luck
It took me five years
I been held hostage in
circle of fear and consumption
To keep us bound and blind.
We are all afraid of the things,
That we will never see.
Construction. To makes us all
the compulsion, no it's more than that, like the very threat of consumption

Deny all that's rational, chase satisfaction, make violence and hatred the master
M.C.'s, I'm starvin', niggaz best before
For consumption, for wack assumption
You can catch a bad one or somethin'
From shotgun, you know I'm
public consumption
Is there anything more pathetic than packaging honesty as entertainment?
Existing extremes feeding pain and big dreams 
History is cancer, tobacco risk.
Body compinsation.
Environmental screening.
Yes, no, more irritation.
Only the brilliant and clever will find
me grow
Ever more complacent pure consumption come and see me fail
Ever more depression the self i medicate through digi scales
You could scale

All around total mass consumption
Take, take till we have it all
Try to satisfy our hunger
While we watch other people fall
Wake me up from this
They're entombed doomsday vaults resembling monstrous coffins
A mind bending experimentation to reshape my everyday consumption
they can see through
of refuge will deteriorate
Empires built on reckless consumption
Now gaze upon the cancerous face

Oh lord of the worm
Return us to the soil
It's all got a price and 
A law to govern you dictated consumption

In each and every way 
And everything that you want to do
These are sad times

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