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the happy consumption, super crappy, over-slappy they mean, 
We got the cargo-ships, we got the go 
You got the jargo-trips but I say so, 
We got
insights into death
With their consumption
Yet I wonder,
What if I were something dead?

Somewhere there's a graveyard of ghouls
With a massive
Burn your life. Bury you life.
You are all my children now.
Consumption: identity.
Function: Consuming again.
of day with me 
People in glass houses, don't throw stones 
The fascination of the infinite consumes me 
And I amuse myself by thinking about a day that I might see
Where every product that is sold reminded us to be
Where the external consumption is merely
the lion trapper, number one for big consumptions
In the function in conjunction wit my nigga on production

You better recognize, nigga, we on the same boat
misinformation and fear
And we know why

Still strident
Yet seeming to suffer alone
Why can't we see that
Through out blind consumption
We condone
the ground,
Better never make a sound
How can they see when they're so damn blind 

Can you believe in something
Not fit for their consumption
Killer instinct in his eyes

'Tis the deep desolation
Dark aquaticx - life's domination
'Tis the thirst for consumption
Comes the creature - bloody
And we cry
And hmm…hmm…hmmm
And "did you hear about…"
And lick our fingers
And we don't leave nothing for the worms
Not gristle or bone
Divinity, impiety, indoctrination
Afterlife, eternity, mind consumption

Food for the ignorant
For those who do not know
But I learned enough
on CNN 
Being in the state of vast consumption in this game 
it's like drugs only quantity is run throughout 
Quality is walking through the valley
of the world hangs on your words
Useless and benign
This years consumption
Exploit disfuntion sold you by design
Look out
You get the mediocre's interest,
stomachs hanging
To feed upon the challenge of consumption
I'm ashamed/beat
In this optimistic hole
Is there light at the end?
Finally let's
I could practically injure your perfect health
My ingredients will seize up your body's functions
I'm the dirt that everyone walks on
I am
Ain't straight-edge enough for you
Then **** me with a double, skim cappuccino

{Bif:} Um: hellooooo!! 
Get a ******* hold of yourself!!
a achin' old heart disease
Do it now, you gon' do it? Tell me all about it
The blues, is a low-down achin' heart disease
Like consumption, killing me by
but you wanted more cause you're so greedy 

Got the habit let's feed it 
Hope it poisons you 
Got that heavy consumption 
Is it the many or is it few
the media spoon-feeds you
People who need you concede to your bluffin'
Parasitic poison unfit for human consumption
Why they focus on one of they crusades
gray matter in every crevice, cant fake blackness, no amount of consumption can erase our skin
No reparations or repatriation can replace that ish
a low-down achin' heart disease
Like consumption 
Killing me by degrees

I can study rain 
Oh, oh drive, oh, oh, drive my blues
I been studyin' the rain
Consumption is consuming me
The laissez hasn't been fair to me
A party for the sea is like a funeral for the beach
And there's a crooked line I don't
to mend.
The blood you're spilling
Will choke you in the end. 

So just give in,
And follow the drones.
A nation of consumption 
wanna taste consumption
Breathe faster to waste oxygen
Hear the children sing aloud
It's music 'til the wick burns out

Just wanna be care free

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