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Sickened by despair
Your suffering compels you
People knew you were troubled
But no one realized how far you'd gone

No will left to live
When hope
Anger compels a force of weakness or fear
I'll promise no forgiveness for the rest of my years
A negative release, subliminal urge
Unwish declining,
or who is wrong.
Is that all there is to a face, a bit of sadness there to hide.
Your fears compel you to hide it all inside.
It seems so easy for you
Jah-Jah mus and bound and compel wi 
Cau wi woulda limb up one a dem if dem a mel wi 
wi nuh care who wear di crown 
who waan fi frown 
we a lick out wi
that we've won
It's back to my bedroom alone with a shot gun
To think of my family no longer compels me
With all things in common they'll manage
too late, Depth beyond sin is fathomed
wandering through the devils field sowing his seed
Guardian angel guide us through the night
we compel his
Compels without force
And it turns without turning the world
So, please, you keep your purpose
Your poise and your journey
I'll be by the fire
Bourgeois and biblical
Hanging on nails
Mad metallic icons
The old cyclone still compels
Your hoity haiku lip curls
The onion papers drain
By thy delight in others' pain,
And by thy brotherhood of cain,
I call upon thee! and compel
Thyself to be thy proper hell!
And on thy head I pour
steal all the attention anyway

Cause something about you
Compels me to feel
That a glued together vase
Is still a vase
to compel
Myself to take a stand and walk above this
This fear embraces nothing
Reject this blindness from sight endure recede
Glory and so I let all I am
Take, Lord, what You see

Whatever the cost
I gained everything in loss
In the greatness of Your love
It compels me to give it up

In the light
they lent you
And your paranoia soars
On the wings of your dementia

Without a system that compels
The growth of human compassion
Its a face that
that compels me to grab
The ax, anxiously removed from its shelve
With an unpredescent joy I brutally hack

Psychonecrotic hallucinations
As my
I rely on my instinct and what it tells me
It knows what I really think and it compels me
You don't have to see it or feel the urgency yet
But I
It often overwhelms me
But when I think of all who've gone before and lived the faithful life
Their courage compels me
And when I'm weary
Spired from what was and is but shall not be forever
That's what's been said
Thick muck's been spread through archaic words
And compels even
that money grows on trees. Hope they ship all those shitty bands overseas like they did the factories. Music's power to describe, compel, renew â?¦ It's
Face suicide at the gates
Keep your evil away
From the mother of civilization
Communic Who have resolved to compel
Under a luminous sky....
pretending not to care
Oh the winter scent in her hair
Compels my hands to do
The things my heart wouldn't dare

I'll keep holding on to you
See no use
compels the ladders of life to reflect and upraise,
Reflections of prey charge the predator's gaze,
Wearing the face of the quarry, it takes the swan,
In my head... the laughter comes again
And the voices that compel me to hunt
To think the unthinkable
Commit the unspeakable

I wait for
to say "cuckoo"

Cuckoo, cuckoo

Regretfully they tell us Cuckoo, cuckoo
But firmly they compel us Cuckoo, cuckoo
To say goodbye


To you

So long,
Six years on a treadmill
This plateau we're on
Compels no incline, decline
Would cover half of Nevada
Six years since the starting line

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