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seemed to big
The sky's still the limit with you
Don't lose heart in the meantime
Sing with me

Comparing everything
Never got me very far in life
I have

They be calling my label 
Asking where they find me 
Because theres nothing comparing 
Theres nothing thats like me 
In addition to claims
Coke is so American show it stops the arrogant hos
Constantly staring at you, ain't no comparing the flow
Make sure you stare in the hole before
when I piss feels like a snakebite
My wife says she sick of my behavior
You faggots stop comparing me to Tyler, The Creator
I've been on this shit before
Certain DJs kiss arse so much
But why? Wipe the shit off your lips, look
Comparing just-comes to legends
But really, why you influencing?
They was like the other girls
'Member that night in the park
We talked 'till it wasn't dark
You just like to stare me
There was no comparing me
say your name is parakeet
Bitch this is Gucci ain't no way that you comparing me

Oh you popping, you in LA now
I got money, so you ready now
I met her at Alta Vista Park
And even though it rained, we walked a while
We sat and talked about our schools
Comparing all the rules, and I'd
ran niggas, so fuck who you comparing with us, uh
Niggas say they fam and never shook hands with us
These rappers talking 'bout bands, I'm coming, my
how we face the truth

And people, they say that I should stop
Comparing every woman to you

I remember your left collarbone
Beauty mark that I
forgive you cuz y'all giving me strengh
Say wow, wow, great, great
They type too much but don't know shit 'bout shit
Do research before comparing me
killin' off all that cappin', you braggin' before it happens, no-no
Kill complaining and comparing if someone better
Practice over perfection, preparation
doing great"

And it felt like a dream at double-speed 
On a Greyhound back from Pittsburgh
Comparing something like that to where others are at?
the comparing
Hoping one day you'll stop caring
And see it doesn't matter in the long run
Cause I can see your eyes are flaring
With the pain you just won't let
long for us to date
To be honest I had no trust for females okay
Cuz after dealing with my ex I said fuck them heart breaks 
But comparing you to her was
posting approaching wit mixed emotions
And ready like military I'm varied like Ben and Jerry's
Comparing me to him is scary I'm leery as cemeteries
over here, forget the clothes that you be wearing
My style is matter free, I'm free but don't you go comparing
Your weekly shopping-sprees versus my
Make believe that I can trust again. 
Pull me up cause I am sinking in.

I know it is wrong and not at all fair, 
I am comparing you with her.
Stephen Hawking
and Aristotle talking, while comparing models of the universe
that's what it's like to follow when I use a verse
the insight in my mind, is
I've been seeing somebody new
And she's nothing like you
But I'm not comparing
They tell me that it takes time
To be patient and I'll find
value themselves by comparing themselves to others 

They're not like me 
I keep my self-deception 
Behind a mask of pride and dignity 
It seems

Keep all things intact, stay quiet, do not react.
Die comparing what you´ve created.

Evolving of the extreme, becoming more insane.
the queue boys comparing that sneakers. 
In the line a girl's powdering her nose. 
She said, she said she saw me on TV. 
I think she wanna go out with me
starring and comparing your self
You need stop caring, forget everyone else

To be a child forever
Innocent surrendered
Figured out who I want to be

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