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Thoughts without the thinking
Just absence and thin air
The silence can’t be louder
Broken smashed to powder
Nothing quite comparable
Slightly worse than
Can't compare this 
Because not comparable
Will go against anything 
We're unbreakable
Under earthquakes 
Still unshakable
Flow like the ocean
I say, and I put up a front
Unbearable, the feeling's terrible
That nobody else in this town is comparable
I'm always laughing at your jokes hours
remplit de ce dont j'avais 
Besoin qui me fait dire

Rien n'est comparable à ce 
Que j'ai trouvé 
T'es l'aube de mon âme 
Ca tu l'a prouvé
Tu me remplis de
of sleep hysterical
I'ma beast a freak comparable
Your sister and brother are scared of you
I've always been alone there's no one to compare me to
get what I’m saying?
They never do
Comparable, in verbs I spit grinned
Cheek to cheek, like bacon bits
We run the streets, no parents please
Me and my
A piece of him
Unleashing its wrath
Bit by bit
And then all at once
Wrath comparable to that of gods
Kings will fall
Gods will die
And in the end, we will
Apparently these parrots, comparable to animals
Garbage picking savages, zombie like cannibals
Feed on they own kind, lie just to get by
Smile in the daylight,
This shit is terrible
Should have been careful, now it’s medical
I'm quite sensible
But this girl has me fucked up, she’s unforgettable
We shouldn’t
Nada es comparable con lo feliz que me haces 
Vamo' a volar juntos 
Que nadie nos pare
Vamos a volar como dos aves rapaces

Y mírame 
Con esa mirada
progressing you fucking vegetables
My rhyme scheme impeccable
Pairing the words like genitals
Cause not a rapper comparable
I’m the main character to Jesus’s
Shout out to Elon, and everyone who put the weed down
Almost comparable to louis vuitton
I'm done for this quick run, just for week one
For the real
To ke kesi nisti
(You're a nobody)
Pull up in a 6-speed six deep
Shorty say she miss me
Spitting 16's 'til I'm 6 feet
Nicotine and Whiskey hit my
doesn't know how to play the politics game
Nothing boils my blood more than Bernie or Busters
Yes Biden sucks but he's not comparable to the guy 
like a safe zone 
It is comparable to earth 
Birth contractions 
New earth contractors 
Intend to build a utopia on top of her after (Here after)
Comparable to the greats
I'm elevating the space
Until all my niggas is eating off golden plates right behind a golden gate
Spontaneous claiming
Our lives comparable to stories of heart broken fiction
Here's my message of conviction to the world of my fellow humans in suffering
Our souls are
me siento insaciable
No hay mejor apoyo que el abrazo de unos padres
El afecto a la familia nunca será comparable
Aguantando conductas cercanas
flows and bars impeccable
Fella don't even try to mimic, no chance, no one comparable

Watch-watch-watch out for me
Cause once I run up in the scene, no
Comparable to none 
I guess the best way to describe You is 

Your presence is mad
Black excellence in
dicen que la peruana tiene la cara bonita
Yo sé bien que en Buenos Aires todos los pollos son buenos
Que no hay nada comparable con un pollito chileno.
¡Cuida, oh Dios, de mí, pues en ti busco protección!
Yo te he dicho:
“Tú eres mi Señor, mi bien
nada es comparable a ti”

Los dioses del país son

These gray days have pumped me up

No one knows how to feel free 

They don't understand how to live 

Their life is comparable to shit 

It's not
escriben tantas mujeres que hasta desespera
Pero nada es comparable a dormir a tu vera
Pero no quiero que me duela que me quieras

Diosito dame la luz, cuida

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