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knew I'd spring back
With a heart this cold, how'd y'all think I’d be receptive to fall
I’m plenty comfortable when danger’s around
And even more so
won’t initiate the sex it’s fine
I can talk you on the phone when you driving alone
And make you feel comfortable enough to take me to mom
And that
Send her home, put her pussy in your mouth
Niggaz get comfortable, fall in love
They don't wanna fuck no mo', they cuddlin up
But see your wife is
You never know if you never go out of the zone where you comfortable
Where you come from?
I sing the role of the unsung out the dungeons of rap
niggas, that was fun for my niggas
Smoking weed in the trap, living comfortable nigga
If the police came, then we run from them niggas
Couple niggas
Never let up on a heated mic 'till I'm comfortable, Rogue style
57th-56th Street Gang, grips we gain
Anybody wanna trips we bang
Hit us with a what?
got too comfortable kid, you asked for it
You just like your bitch, in your jeep, shoes off, feet all up on your

Dash board
You're jackin' off,
It's beautiful to see the click, live comfortable

To the young black entrepreneurs
Get rich, get money, get paper, get paid
Keep yourself laced,
the time when your eyes used to smile
Every time
Like a pillow on a bed so comfortable
This is an emergency
Can't you see you're loosing me

jeans, Nike Airs, I keep all my money
Still slide out the club wit a gorgeous honey
I don't care if it's a hole in the wall, I feel comfortable
Violate P,
comfortable?" "Boo, you know it"
Was the answer that she gave me as we finished the spinach
Cause dinner at Ruth Chris, let's get drunk for the reel spinnin
People on the dance floor, lights swing around
You know the LB style, the what, these niggas bring to town
Comfortable shit that you can rock to
I got
now, we're parked in a comfortable spot
By 2004, we're out to own the whole lot (Out for the top!)
To settle for less, the short change
So we keep our
is, if it ain't meant it, it just isn't
Some niggaz'll get money and pay niggaz to back em
So they can act up, feel comfortable, and rap tough
hug ya,
Hold hands, slow-dance while the record spins,
Opened up your heart 'cause you said I made you feel so comfortable,
Used to play back then,
the end, you're indestructible

Get comfortable, love the show
Adjust or fold the crutch you hold
You trusted those that cut your throat
That dug
just said she spent it
It's easy to pass judgement when you comfortable in life
But desperation breeds a beast, the truth won't always be polite
got nothin' to lose
But I got these wins to gain
And I don't feel comfortable
One thing that I've learnt all of these years is to block devils off
'fore he talked shit
A fiend peeped us early and told us, she saw a brick (word?)
Comfortable, we slid through in a grey Lacoste fit
Glock .40 on him,
been blockin' my vision
But that ain't my fault (my fault)
That he was the difference, you let him get in that position
I'm too comfortable now
Comfortable, but my bank account ain't functional 
And now another thing that's disturbin me 
how the fuzz gon' put you in the infirmary? 

See I'm
to give it here

Give it here
(Give it to me, give it to me)
[ VERSE 2 ]
I got a fat bank account, I'm pretty comfortable
But hey, I'm very picky bout
patient acting patient, so complacent
Comfortable, a basic bowl of shit
Hold my own, I own my dick
Go shaloma unpredictable and roll with the clique
the bells, but I was more comfortable in straight legs 
Strong, like the contribution to rap kane gave 
My ego and my conscience refuse to share the same

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