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Make Yourself Comfortable (Betty Johnson) · Don't Get Comfortable (Brandon Heath) · Slip into Something More Comfortable (Asteria) · Don't Get Comfortable: the EP (Brandon Heath) · A Little Less Comfortable (Carter's Chord) · Comfortable (The Aston Shuffle) · Make Yourself Comfortable (Peggy King) · Comfortable (K-Camp)

somebody sneeze that nigga daddy wear a bow tie
And Crook, I'm always comfortable on your side
Sauce you a Boss, Horseshoe what it do?
C-Style hold ya
Get comfortable with yours

Chorus 2

It's gonna take (take)
T-r-u-s-t to keep our l-o-v-e
It's gonna take (gonna take)
It's gonna take (take)
done had a good week looking for the right spot
Somewhere nice and comfortable where no one got shot

I wake up in the morning, get out of my bed
why we comfortable as a Huxtable
You been around since the Lunchables, girl I fucks with you
In the back of the truck with you, same fingers I chuck
on the bed but I tend to sleep more comfortable on the floor
For keepin' it real, never won awards
If you wanna meet, it may be yours
If you wanna meet, it
money bags (yes!) got me livin' comfortable (Yeah!) 
Still hood, still real (Unhh!), Opa-Locka is real (Yeah!) 
Off my dogs daddy dad, so wanna cook it
Jigga can't go back home
You know when I heard that? When I was back home
I'm comfortable dog, Brooklyn to Rome
On any Martin Luther, don't part with
Yuh, I got money too
Bris', I be comin' thru
Ca$h-Money, money bags (yes!) got me livin' comfortable (Yeah!)
Still hood, still real
Cuz you know I bring heat like June and July
Spit like August
I'm the truth I'm not lying
I'm the reason why Jay feel comfortable retiring
I gotta
that?  when I was back home
I'm comfortable dog, Brooklyn to Rome
On any martin luther, don't part with your future
Don't ever question if I got
like August I'm the truth I'm not lying I'm the reason why Jay
Feel comfortable retiring I gotta laugh 'cause y'all work hard at this shit
Think about

I got a radio, small and yet portable
Comfortable, with the sound in audio
Kickin', high hats just tickin'
Spicy lyrics, and words finger
Napoleon, macaroni, we serve hot-bellied pig
96, 6 big screen television I bought for my kid
Livin' kind of comfortable
40 comin through with the real
I walk with my peeps
OG's responsible for my speech
Co-D's make me comfortable enough to preach
Tony Montana was deep, we all follow the script
Uptown keepin' me doing bad
Is the silver packs? Is it the twenty sacks?

Verse 2
All I wanted was to be comfortable with a lot of mil
And I'm
ain't meant it, it just isn't
Some niggas'll get money and pay niggas to back em
So they can act up, feel comfortable, and rap tough
And that's
games, but you can play a part
Standing up apart behind my battle scars

Money walk and money talk, but money no make comfortable
Big ass house and big
tunnel, two-wheel cycle, slightly savage
Better than 9 millimeter with extended suppressor
Bustin' out the function, highly comfortable
Got this mad ting
many kinds of the mushrooms have you really ate
I focus on eight comfortable ones that are no correlate
Yo, you never can't tell when you eat them
besta pop me, or die too!
County blue, not my forte
I'm only comfortable when I got on that grind with what, with an a.k. 
And with a couple of banana
reverse that, get in front of me, you lose your life
I'm like a alligator crocodile, quietly I lay
Then slip, get comfortable, I'll strike and kill a prey
And lately I've been missing all the little things

Maybe I got comfortable with the way you was treating me
Hot meals cooked up, way you would feed me
Send her home, put her pussy in your mouth
Niggaz get comfortable, fall in love
They don't wanna fuck no mo', they cuddlin up
But see your wife is
to stay
Comfortable in my conscience you live in my dreams
They say time heals it all then why's the pain still with me?

See the problem is, I know it

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