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Collapsed Lung  


a collapsed blur
When I would come around

Hey hell, heaven is a place that you go
Hey hell, heaven is a place that you go

Just so we got a little time
It was a hot and sultry afternoon
Sometime at the end of June
We had collapsed ourselves in shade somewhere
To conclude our love affair
But it
of winning a gangs respect

I was shot when I was 15 or 16
(shots fired in the area gang fight in the parking lot)
When my longs collapsed uhm.. the the 22 is
And inside was a gift for our daughter you had ordered in secret
And collapsed there on the front steps I wailed
A backpack for when she goes
when it comes

Girls are so smooth
You're a youth
All your visions collapsed
You're expected that's a fact
But please don't do it again

Oh, why
thing that is you.
where is this wind
going to take me to?
world collapsed
and the friends are
on the spree.
you the only one
who see the next stage.
collapsed, perhaps you prefer that
(For my G's gleamin', candy paintin'
ridin', rollin', smashin', dashin'
indo hashin', any get wit me)
I thought I told
waste wood
to help 'em from deep hole
people thank her that
"without this bridge,
we can't even get to the mall"
but another day it collapsed by
fat guy
collapsed on the sidewalk heated by the sun 
The streetlights reach for him, to hold him down 
As the powerline cocoons him, they lick their lips 
He falls
To try to reinterpret exactly what he heard
When the universe collapsed and flattened the Earth
Pretend that you don't live in the past with us
Are you ready to stumble? Are you ready to fall?

Turn back time through children's eyes
Crystal blue oceans, nature entwine
A bridge collapsed
Time takes a toll as pride collapsed
A life I've worn breaks in half 
I stride to hide in a heart so holy
Off the cuff I've worn so well

And I still
Time takes a toll as pride collapsed
A life I've worn breaks in half 
I stride to hide in a heart so holy
Off the cuff I've worn so well

And I still
Tested, and taken
From the place I call home
I've lost my way
And the path back has collapsed

I have no home
I have no home
It means nothing to me
inside bring tension to the air I breathe 
I remember all the pain and suffering left to me 
Look into my eyes 
My world has since collapsed
Papers play dadadumb
Spiderman black yo
Superman black yo
Heroes we lacked
So im taking em back
Why they wanna do me like that yo
Real weak ting collapsed
mic's in the basement
My voice in the song like my prints in the pavement
Though rap has collapsed, I aint tryin' to save it
Im just doin' me, like
Hey Elliott, what'd you think of my show 
I set a glass of water down 
In case your throat collapsed 
Burnt out or any notes fell outta tune 

I said
the mountain collapsed 
I know my fate now I know who I am 
I have become a martyr for my kin 
My name will live on forever
I seal myself and Fornjot into
chaotic society 
Depraved and deprived, a collapsed deity

Devil that guides my thoughts
A product the clothe has wrought 
Profits in gold for prophets
collapsed into its own did that happen when it wasn't even hit?
Was it really done by the terrorists?  
Just ask yourself, "Who stood
at the edge of everything 
Tall enough to fall from this lucid dream 

A collapsed mind 
Doomed by the moon 
The nightmare 
Kicking my feet 
I think I've got
I told you it wouldn't work
So when we collapsed, you wouldn't be hurt
I told you, you were alert
We didn't last, but you still expect to be first?
Cynical thoughts, cynical thoughts

You all recognise
You all recognise
You all recognise, the problem isn't here

I was there when the walls collapsed

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