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Collapsed Lung  


You collapsed into the corner
Like somebody of raw nerves you near seduced me
With your verbs
As I reached out for you
You said over and over
The thought of all destruction, man ain't nothin gonna last
I feel the pain and sufferin, the system done collapsed
Wood is burnin, big
said the good in this world collapsed
We will survive this

I’m gonna stay
I’m gonna stay
I’m gonna stay
I’m gonna stay
We should, we should
This loneliness I'm feeling

The forerunners' structure
Was dug up from
The rim of the Milky Way galaxy systematically
Empires collapsed from higher
to dismantle
The house it just collapsed on itself

Instant, instant disassembly

Mamasita, tie me loose as I flee
Oh, it seems that you've got a spotlight
turn black
The bridges have collapsed
The darkness light the stars
The ignorant slept among
And all the children wake
To form the Apocalypticon
Your rib-cage is snapped
Rupturing internal organs
Crushed in your diaphragm
Your lungs are collapsed
As your abdominal cavity is splattered
every cul-de-sac
There burns an effigy

And then the stars collapsed
And they hit the distant hills
And the fires are burning still
The fires are
shoulders was wounded aside
Both my lungs collapsed inhalin 2nd hand pride
Below the waist was just more of the same
Feet swift to shed blood or somethin
chainsaw massacres
Every business on Main Street collapsed except Morgan's mom's place
And the whole town feels dead
The whole town feels dead
And each other's company we seek

Though we took our separate paths
Back to the womb where we collapsed
On buildings full of living bricks
drink (drink, drink)

E'rybody lookin at me, like the boy lookin scraggly
Since he ain't with Shady like, e'rything collapsed behind me
A contract
out, my body, way out, my body
A'ight be	
I heard the yak went quack, zob schilacked
Multi-orgasms and the bitch collapsed
I once
Dreamed of a world
Without cosequences
Without reminders
Of this
I am collapsed in
I dreamed
But then

I once,
Dreamed of a world ...

Without consequences,
Without reminders ...
Of this

I am collapsed in.
population had collapsed
Yo where it felt we'd only know the majesty through photo, prose and lyric
Through drastic conservation efforts 
And the diligence
broke my back
Trying to bring you happiness
I was way off track
Some crazy horse
Then I collapsed
In a shabby mess
Fresh grounds for divorce
think it's going to rain, rain down

Here in this collapsed lung of a borough
There is no sunlight
The sunlight is manufactured in a windowless room
think it's going to rain, rain down

Here in this collapsed lung of a borough
There is no sunlight
The sunlight is manufactured in a windowless room
collapsed my chest
Blood spillin', inside survive like a villain
Killin' life, torturous as Vincent Prince
Tried to run got caught then I lost my tongue
And still comin' real never yield sayin' fuck peace

I bitch slap fairy tales of straps
What the hell happened to rap? It just collapsed
Perhaps it's ways
eyes so old. you collapsed into the corner
Like somebody up on verbs, you near seduced me with your verbs as I reached
Out for you,
You said over
collapsed back stage,
Face down in a pile of cocaine.
The rocker doctor said he had the flu,
But Froggie felt it deep inside.
He knew exactly what he had
to the oceanside the day you died
I stood out on the dock
No matter how hard I tried
I couldn't drop them in
And I collapsed and cried:

What do I do with this

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