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Collapsed Lung  


I told you it wouldn't work
So when we collapsed, you wouldn't be hurt
I told you, you were alert
We didn't last, but you still expect to be first?
it, Idk what else to say, I'm sorry" 
She opened up the door, stepped out of the cab 
And in the loving arms of a neighbor, she collapsed 

There's no
Collapsed under pressure 
I done lost my soul
This the greatest love story 
That I nvr told
Couldn't tell if i was dreaming 
Or if I was gone 
I went
Poison in my veins sustains the agony
Reconstructed I see it crawling out of me
You failed to notice I collapsed and decayed
The transformation is beyond
the heart 
When the last blue whale left its ancient cave 
Liberated and soaring on its last wave 
This plastic world collapsed, and a burning globe
When some kid came to school and shot my baby

I couldn't stand, I just collapsed
I know I'll feel the pain no matter how much time has passed
Feels like
The season is killed by winter
A forgotten realm collapsed by ice
My face engulfed by a blizzard of her guts

The beginning of all remorse was
, don't wait for me. I'm not your future turn the page and let it be
Old days gone by
Old days stayed behind 
The collapsed glass on the floor has no
knees collapsed over again 
Every time you're asked to explain yourself
"Shame" can never rectify my guilty hands for time I've lost 
From penning
and take your fate by the reigns
Sounds great, start tomorrow after a nap
That mentality is why your sand castle collapsed
Run laps 'til your heels skin
Time takes a toll as pride collapsed
A life I've worn breaks in half 
I stride to hide in a heart so holy
Off the cuff I've worn so well

And I still
Papers play dadadumb
Spiderman black yo
Superman black yo
Heroes we lacked
So im taking em back
Why they wanna do me like that yo
Real weak ting collapsed
The house collapsed 
The picture frames stayed still 
Listen now to an empty sound 
Hole that won't be filled

Ball drops upon a new year now 
the mountain collapsed 
I know my fate now I know who I am 
I have become a martyr for my kin 
My name will live on forever
I seal myself and Fornjot into
Of collapsed lungs
And I'll try to say I need you 
But I can't make out the words

So I just swallow them whole 
And hope you see I'm at my worst
For I'm weak,
Cynical thoughts, cynical thoughts

You all recognise
You all recognise
You all recognise, the problem isn't here

I was there when the walls collapsed
We are rivals now
The roof has collapsed in, and the windows have been all shattered out
There's a hole where I used to hold hope
Hanging out in
We are rivals now
The roof has collapsed in, and the windows have been all shattered out
There's a hole where I used to hold hope
Hanging out in
to live, or just eager to love?
Can I be both perfectly happy and perfectly not?

The mind is wardrobe with two collapsed shelves
Holding whimsical opinions
tidal wave
Crashed a current of bitter emotions
Through each artificial makeup atom
Her lethargic weary funeral stance collapsed
Quickly in my eroded
she is holding
Running far from reality, it seems she is folding
Her kingdom's collapsed, though she has not yet told them
The mind in her head, well,
struck me until
I realized there wasn't a chance of getting you back
In that moment, that's when I felt that my heart had collapsed

With no warning,
the heat
Pressure on your mind
Too many thoughts in your head
Brains are smashed and your body's collapsed
Get control don't lose it now
Gonna kill yourself
collapsed from the backshots


[Inspectah Deck]
(Last night...) changed it all, I had a ball
First of all, I got an obscene phonecall
All I heard was

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