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the quarterback
Smile at her, imagine that
How do you explain the star of the game
And the no name girl from the freshman class

She got out at a bonfire party
You are a hippie
You smell like skunk
I'm your arch enemy
A middle-class punk
Get out, get a life, get a job
Everyone's smoking grass
good rushing
Knock out your homework
On that old percussion
Cosy Cole

Man this class is saying something
Get out everybody
Are cut loose
awful cars
And go to rich and shitty bars
Greedy awful people

I'm sad and lonely baby
'Cause I can't live among my class
I'm thinkin' only baby
Paintn' your nails like you were bored
And you yelled she was sure impressed with you

Well I ain't first class
But I ain't white trash
in class passed me a tape
An invitation, not the hand of fate

I guess my shoes said I might relate
Somehow she knew I'd like to stay up waiting
fuck up the only chance to be yourself and really live?
You tell me you're a working class loser, well what the fuck does that mean?
Is the weekly
and you ain't no friend of mine

Well, they said you was high-class
Well, that was just a lie
Yeah, they said you was high-class
Well, that was just
you're low class, high class, middle class
Well it don't discriminate, no it don't
It don't matter if you're redneck, intellect, a beatneck
Well it all
Class act
You'll kiss the bat
Your fault
At last, meets its crack
Bite the roll
Chew your fat
Curse your fowl
Waste of cash
No class, no job
I'm just a victim of society a slob
No ass, no head
I gotta go home and jack off instead
No mind, no kind
My brain is jelly
to spend my cash
I'd like to be first class
I'd like to be on top
And I never gonna stop

I started washing dishes
Now I'm flipping blue chips
I only
it, you stand out a mile)
A flower's not a flower if it's wilted
(A hat's not a hat till it's tilted)
[You either got or you haven't got class]
scratchin' all the time
You ain't caught no rabbits you ain't no friend of mine
Well, you said you was high class
Found out that was just a lie
Yeah you
the class, freshest in the school
And I bet I dress every day like it first day of school yea

Hat goin' match my shoe 
Shirt goin' match my belt 
Man I
Working class hero? No such thing
Put on your Martens. you still can't sing
No organised class, it's out of control
Your mates are so young, you feel
I need a 1st class internationally known, 
Its crazy, Could it be that lady to roll with me, 
And its you that I want girl, 
Cause I ain't ever
You're way out of tune,
No class
Way out, you're way out of line,
No buddy I can't spare a dime,
Fade out, baby that's right, 
No bark and even less
Riot at monroe
Nowhere to roam
Forced into place
Down home bench life
High class eye sore
Fall migration
Those to impress
A community
the nation-state, now plays fund-raiser for a new brand of power-concentrate. Try again, but now we're confused- what is "class-war"? Is this class war? Yes, this is
was blood on the bell-pull
In the hot hotel

The middle of the world
Two middle-class English boys
And a middle-class English girl
Slowing down now
Means you're almost there
You almost see
That even separate knows the fruit and tree

Could you see him
Class ring on his hand
ain't working class.
They're just a pain in the ass.

Generation of swine.
My my my teacher came in class, breathin' hard as could be
And then she made a pass at my homeboy D
I said she's movin' fast, she's lookin' at me

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