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enslaving pen

Guiding lines indeed required or else civilization fails
Yet pilate the one condemned in mythical religious tales
The worlds most known
And nobody wants to do a sacrifice

I'm not the only one who wants to interfere in this
Civilization is not a modern wilderness
Black & white, yellow, red
New frontiers cause the reformation of the human race
Celebration of ourselves and our sanctity of the earth

Our civilization has entered
fall victim to hands in the 
Trial of Truth 
And its twisted reversal. 
The union of factions bleeds shock to the system, 
For civilization had ended
Your beauty sky is gray sometimes
A lot of isolation, a lot of
Last breath is leave your mouth
A lot of hate, a lot of
Civilizations before
civilization await their eviction
Suddenly sniped from civilization 
Reality starts to set in, his last thoughts 
Flashin back to where it all begun 
A shorty who slum for a militant
With nuclear reactions
Make interesting subjects
This is civilization
Or imagination
Or some old melodrama
The future enslaves us
that gives the violence. The fog of the night, the dark water... to run through the expanse of light. The mysteries of civilizations that left the Earth
destroy human civilization in a single day,
These weapons may be on the loose.

Secrets soon to be secrets soon to be told 
Take another look
the surface of my red carpet
These are distress signals spanning you and I
Inversatile if anyone here's a soul survivor of a dying civilization
A galaxy called
proper place?
Without this civilization
Our way of thinking, our way of life,
What would we be?
What kind of lives would we be living?
What would we do
a reaffirmation of the status quo of this nation, no stand for modern civilization and all it's barbaric traditions. This is the final solution to mankind's endless
civilization. they say we belong here. how much will we take?
the future of mankind
Time will tell the meaning of these lines

Civilization, awaiting a sign on tablelands
Solar religion, lost on the Nazca's plains
snatched from the craterless civilization
My name is Louis Portier
Arrived on these shores but I've got more to say
From Bali to Barbados to Beaufort,
hold this, hold out
But how could it get better than this did?

So yes, the tales are true
Civilizations fall every day
I'll say

Look up
that feature our sun, from an angle we'll never get to see
That there are many other civilizations hidden beyond the veil of time, too far away for
Where civilizations they collide
In jungle fornication, ODing on the night

I don't know you, you don't know me
Como te llamas? Me IIamo
want to get at tonight
And it sounds mystical
I think in a country like ours, in a time like this
When something awful is happening to a civilization
repaid with betrayal
Maybe you ain't heard the news about civilization starting in Africa
We more than just pins in dolls and seeing the future in
This inescapable fate captures humanity
With every hour more victims fall

Mass hysteria becomes the protocol
Civilization turns to savagery
With no
them be the first to creation receive
The father and mother of all civilization

Let there be garden of Eden forbidden the fruit
The tree

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