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the chopper, I hang out the roof (Roof)
Niggas is pussy, they lame like you (Like you)
Ain't with the talkin', I'll flame your crew (Your crew)
I never heard
the choppers and the Glocks (We finna shoot now)
And when that nigga in the back (He don't make a sound)

A savage what they call me, but really, I'm a devil
andere dagen
Was met dezelfde entourage voor wat andere gage
Trek letterlijk volle zalen nu
We kennen onze taken nu
Ik kan Seka in die chopper zetten
clothes on (ay)
I think that I fell in love, what is goin' on? (ay)
Tell me if I'm trippin', can you hear me out? (ay)
I just bought a chopper with
A brand new chopper, finna kick it, hold .223's (.223)
And when I bust it, I'ma send a nigga six feet deep, yeah

I done mixed murder with that beef, it
Tell 'em, I want it bank transfer when they paying
'Cause I'm sick of all these stacks just sitting in the safe
They'll have to bring the chopper
choppa, riadna šupa, kurník šopa
Mám piči, čo sa ti páči
Letím ako Medicopter
Vy sa hráte na El Chopa
Idem ako Super Chopper
Moja tvár ostáva poker
bitches, broke bitches borin' (borin')
I make the chopper sing just like a chorus (brr)
Ain't talkin' 'bout the money, I gotta ignore it (ignore it)
Chop a nigga like some lunch meat
Four door Hellcat, chopper sit in the front seat

Fuck stayin' safe, I'ma stay dangerous
Talk shit get you spilt,
stick out

(Y'all know what the fuck goin' on, boss, ayy)
I just got a brand new chopper
Like I'm lookin' for a brand new problem (vome here)
the back, so don't make a move (so don't make a move)
I put the gang-gang on the map, now we in Peru (we in Peru)
Chopper go bang-bang, so get back or you
know I'm not cocky (no)
Shawty I'm just being honest (honest)
Spend the stack on choppers
Send a nigga to the doctor
I can't love you, lil' bitch
that I don't spill (woo)
Chopper on my partner, you know he be trained to kill (pew, pew)
Pull up to the club with 20 racks in dollar bills
She go
Yeah, you talk about that block, but you're not from there
I'm on your block like papa bear
You got Harleys, but no choppers there
I'm a block boy,
them crackers dead (yeah)
We gon' fuck up on they wi- (w-wife)
Take 'em for a ride, more hits, more life
Tight grip on the chopper, that kickback
And I'm blessed with the drip
Baby biohazard
The slime go real quick
Money a knot 
and it look like a cyst
I smoke 'em big choppers, go get me
he be runnin' bands
Chopper make a nigga do the running man
Gucci's on my feet and you niggas wearing fuckin' Vans mm

Get this lil' nigga
nu livet det for kort (ja)
Ja vi kom rigtig langt, plejed' sælge chopper nede i den der gård
Ja, omvendt robbery, nu fylder vi banken op med de der
ever do stops (nah)
I'ma bring out the chopper for this
We gon' slide through his block with the sticks
Police watch, don't get caught in the blitz
Pour louper l’école
Je ferais n’importe quoi
Pour louper l’école 
Moi j’irais jusqu’à…

Faire le tour de la maison 
En pyjama pour chopper froid
Tied to yo ass like noose
Duck duck you a goose
Chopper singing like flute
In field like a root
Haitian princess in a coupe

In the field
ferme et on prouve
On réveille les pulsions les plus troubles

À force de tourner en promenade, on fini par chopper le tournis
Mais on s'en fout au
knocked up
I was on the block, shocked all rocked up
Narrow with the mark, robbin' with some Glocks
Ask who could stop, hoppin' out with choppers
started makin' adjustments
Choppers all over the crib
This for the niggas just waitin' to rush it
It is no tellin' or what
You can get murdered for

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