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Well show me a friendship that's pure and chaste
And I'll show you and engine that's dying to race
Well the time has come for me to find
Another way
Walking bleeding lurching seething
Dying from the dawn of time
Fester weakling cursed like a demon
To walk this earth alive
Chaste and cast out
the light
So when She fell
Like a sinner to vice
Under austere, puritanical rule
She sacrificed
Her decorum as chaste
To this wolf of the cloth
to taste for the led and the chaste
Those whose long fetters are addressed to all saints

Free shining souls torn from Giod's given Reich
Sweet little chaste woman
Why are you holding your breath in an ocean
Where the abyss is infinitely deep
Skiing mountains dangerously steep
and caresses pale.
And thoughts as chaste as pristine dew.
And flowers placed across your face.
I trace the life I've lost with you.
This bleakest pit that
Cachez vos rouges tabliers

Ce n'est pas sur ce ton frivole
Qu'il faut parler de Padilla
Car jamais prunelle espagnole
D'un feu plus chaste ne
-- part is Hyde
My eggs are poached -- and then they're fried
I can be chaste -- I can be sexual
I'm powerful -- well sometimes ineffectual
I am the god of gods
Master of the art
I desecrate the chaste
Writhe in the flesh


Chant the blasphemy
Mockery of the messiah
Case is empty case is full
Making a case of the time we waste
Saying who ain't chaste and who had
Taste in school - when we was cool
Pleated shirt
the young

The moon grinned full, the games were chaste
When the children first arrived
Now midnight shadows crawl apace
To darken council with their
Chaste by a vision of it's come down to you
Somethin' down inside is gonna make you wanna-gonna make you break through

It's your
crystal rhythm into I do plunge
Slow and chaste symphony that soothes me...
the unrightable wrong 
And to love, pure and chaste from afar 
To try when your arms are too weary 
To reach the unreachable star 
This is my quest 
To follow
D'une belle histoire d'amour.
On a raté
Une belle histoire d'amour.

Comment ne pas oublier
Cette première nuit !
Même à moitié chaste,
Elle demeure la
The timid smile and pause to free
I don't care about their different thoughts
Different thoughts are good for me
Up in arms and chaste and whole

In my ignorance and haste

I was caught out with this girl

Now I am no longer chaste

Human instinct is a flaw

In this theory you have
pas serrer
J'y ai vu qu' du mauve
Quand ell' m'a ferré...
Elle était si chaste
Après l'embellie
Le regard plus vaste
Que l' prophète Ali
Notre ami d'
all this waste
Loki has assured me
My Valkyrie are being chaste
But Thor's hammer's pounding
The sound is numbing
It sounds like Ragnarok is coming
Et maintenant sur mon corps tu t’affaisses
Tu ne t’élèves plus à aucune caresse
Tu jouis mollement
Dégaines Trojan
Préfères-tu les coups d'main
went into a critical rage
Tryna intimidate me
I got chased into the garden
And hit with a rake
Speaking of chaste
I better stick with chastity
gspürsch mii
Pronto ou do 
Gots noh 
Wükomme im zoo
Sisch ke autersfroog 
Sogar dini mere erkönnt wieni spit 
Booth isch mi chaste 
Chasches nid
a chaste kiss to wow their crowds
Then bend backs against primal ploughs, filling cradles on the bough, you've

Got to keep your mother satisfied

You can fight in a war
But you can't smoke a chaste plant
Get paid in dirt from a store
And breathe in fumes from a power plant

Hypocrisy is

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