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the win
The chicken for the din'
I got to get it in yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Charging fifty for a feature, one hundred for the beats
Putting ninety on my
song, New song
New song, New song New song
It’s getting grim we gotta get a new hymn
To help us get along
There’s a new vibration
Charging cross
walk in
I done been the cane supporting steps niggaz was charging
Now I'm charging to support my own and its a problem
I aint bothered by no more, I no
left foot right about face this is the way we go
Charging with fixed bayonets the terror of every foe.
A glory to old Ireland as proud as Buccaneers
the same
We're all the same

The men are charging in,
leaving their mothers cold
for some godforsaken honor,
for some godforsaken goner

The men are charging
the sea,
Way out in space.

Gasping through the
Blazing darkness.
Charging down
A burning road.

Strewn reality:
Hypnotic debris,
Pulsating embers,
the christians were split

The black masks were charging
The last line was drawn
The enemies advancing but they were not alone
The army elite, the 8th brigade
at the top of the coup
There's no ceiling 
Name worth a Milly

And now I can buy anything that I want
Phone charging up at the spot 
I got a lot 
I got the pot
bitch nose in my business
charging bull, no formal charges
stunt, land it with no harness
no exuses, ain't no pardon
you had a 20 year headstart
this that
my open door
A charging light shimmers ashore

A light is shining

Bright lights shine all the time
Can't you see them shining?
Good times ain't hard
everyone off a shot of adrenaline 

Nowadays people be asking for some
Maybe a beat or a free verse or what 
I'm only not charging if you my day one 
If you
Straight from the hip (Oou yeah) brought her to vip (Oou yeah)
Carter my trip (Oou yeah) charging them trips (Oou yeah)
We getting lit (Oou yeah) drum in
playing the fool
Cause i'm gone play wit you before you play wit me
I'm not a big but i be in the post wit a key
Not the gang them i'm charging a fee
like shut up just pay me
I should be charging for all that they saying
All that lil bullshit they put in they tracks like they ready for me when they
gotta rack off of fifty
I got the code like Da Vinci
They left me abandoned with nothing
Now I got the munchies for mu********in' money
Plug charging like
Overdrive with fuel thats pumpin'
In the chambers vaporised
Charging in the pit stop fighting
With the engine overiced
Fuel in flames over my skin
Should've had their mum on the pill
I’ve been hanging with savages
And this shit is vicarious
Are you charging for beats or
Charging for me for the damages
Charging for 
The sea of drowning hands, 
The sea of drowning souls, 
Selling hand of work 
For dellusion 
With the joint set on fire, there's no head
certain type of people can relate,

chopping the action we’re mixing it on a plate.

Talking inflation I’m charging a higher rate,

talking inflation I’m
Feelings will be one
Pain, evil, hunger and thirst no longer exist
Just my unconscious charging me

Life goes beyond the borders of my mind
I'm traveling
Watch me I be charging with narcotics on me
I be stunting on your bitch like she was made for me
Sunny on my mind but demons try to stop me
You can
White horses charging me charging me down 
back to rapping I’m finna start charging
Two hundred for a sixteen
That ain’t a
Let me hear that shit again
I’m a real player Bo Jackson
Let me beat
to work 
Married to their unpaid debt & rising costs 
They just keep on charging 
They just keep on charging 

Illusion of time pulls you along 

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