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start charging for my time
Yeah, that price is pretty high
I can drop you on a dime, yeah

You keep playing, you might fuck around and make me do it
charging in.

On the frontlines
Fighting for my life
On the frontlines
Knowing tomorrow I may not be alive

On the frontlines
Fighting for my life
left on read
Allat talking like you Ted
You just want me for my bread
It ain’t yo fault I know you cost, so what you charging?
You take CashApp or you
life to a queen mother
Ma daughter’s brave she’s spectacular
All eyes on me like binoculars
I’m charging charging up
I’m finna reach the top
I’m never
I pull up spin no nigga Guarding me
Cut off the middle man over
Charging me
Soul lies displaying honesty how
You bargaining
Ankle Monitoring
And start charging niggas up crazy
I’m feeling all over her ass
The fact that she like that I’m wavy
She like the swag ooohhhh
She like how I move
And she
they charging for hooks
Look what I’m charging for beats
Life for life
I do not gamble with mine
She doing rails of them lines
She behind
Lil Karti came wit a truck full of bitches
And bitch it aint luck
I go hard for these digits
Lets go lil Joe he be charging the hemi
I sniped me
funny how they envy cuz they really want your place)

On the move and it ain't no stallin
Money call my phone and it ain't done charging 
Don't talk stay
and watch our television?
And smoke our cigarettes? 
While they're charging us to breathe
And charging us to exist
Are we nothing but a part of a large
judge me for my skin
Tell those feds we're charging in
(There's no way we can wait more)
You can't tell me who to love (There's nothing we will wait for)
the ground
Move ahead
Don't turn your head

Calibrate and direct my functions
Running systems through interpretations
Get electricity flowing
Charging up my
room within
I am going feral
Charging into the fray
I am going feral
Hunter not the prey
I am going feral
Charging into the fray
I am going feral
and turned nothing to something
I got off my ass and turned nothing to something
Ain't no more free shit, nigga, I'm charging
Ain't no more tip-toing, nigga,
No You

I've got watch that knows each step I take
It's charging on the shelf
I've got a fridge that tells me what's inside
Makes ice all by itself
up my britches
You wanna kick it I'm charging you interest
Bitch I be hot like I stay in the kitchen
Call me Katara cause water I'm whipping
My money
Charging all you got, like tax (Like some tax)
She was getting crazy, told her to relax (Calm down)
Told her to relax, yeah, she gon' get real mad,
King of wolves
Enemy is ready
Eyes cold as ice
Only one can win
Power and glory

King of wolves
Leader of the pack
Ruler of the plains
Our burning power
Igniting all their fear
The legions are charging
As death looms near
The bloodlust burns
We slaughter through the night
back to the streets
Stuck in the system, I fell into work
Like they been charging me 10 for the g
I started charging like 20 to pocket the rest
And I
you a bad bitch you deserve bigger

Notice I been charging shit for a long time 
Feel like the games owes me but that shit is all fine 
You said I got
Keno we jammin the lottery
When I come up that bitch better not bother me
Fuck all them bills up my tab they keep charging me
Pockets ain't right you
you just keep on charging through
And say you better get out of my way

Well I hear you talk of those who lack focus
Did you ever notice
To pay no mind
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting
I'll be waiting

And when the feeling comes it's a shiver
Charging up and down your spine
Suddenly your gone from

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