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This is cyborg
Upgrade me
Upgrade me
Upgrade me
Upgrade me
Ringing into me
Favorite accessory
Feel my fake flat affection
Plug it use it
falling like rain
Forest Planet, Prime-88
Druid clansmen charging with blades
Cyberkraken melting their face
Forest Planet, Prime-88

I am walking far below
Just called out
Battle front awaits, onbound
Preserve our legacy
You'll bleed
Is our destiny, to be
The only ones to breath

Running... Charging
comprehend the truth

I wish I was her knight 
Riding on a horse of white
Charging fast to save her heart

I wish I was her king
On my knees a diamond ring
if he my enemy when I popped a Percocet  
I felt a burst of energy 
Charging 20 for this are u fucking kidding me? 
All these nigguhs wanna see me gone
Bitch I'm charged up
Charged uppppppppp
Fully charged
Run up a check 
Run up a check 
Still tryna flex on my ex
Stacking this bread 
I'm charging ahead 
I do not harbor regrets 
All my friends
don’t text and do not call
I don’t leave no trace
(I don’t leave no trace)
When the girl wanna fuck
She charging y’all
For me it’s Free
(Me it’s free)
hurt you get too close

Might pop a few to help this pain
Get this shit from out my brain
Charging shit up to the game
Cus when i try I'm still the blame
the chorus
then I'm gonna go back to my trap you know I'm morland
74 restored beethoven record it say you charging 30 like
that gucci can't afford it gucci
A charging steed through lands unkind
A legend forever

A heart of gold pumps within his metal skin
A noble line he carries on

Braving the bloody din
murh ja naseeba

Kahaan le aaye naseeba

If you move like lightning
Charging through the angry skies
And intercept on the arrow of time

Kahaan le aaye
It was a given from the start

The dangers on the road
Can never break us
We will carry on

Ride on
We're charging through the night
Ride on
the Irish So courageous and renowned  Sons of Erin Marching gallantly Into a storm of lead Forward! clear the way! Sons of Erin Charging valiantly Across that
to end

There's no rest for the wicked
Xena charging on to battle
Fighting for the honor of her countrymen

Danger lurking in this mist
Once again
saying it's all for me hey
Girl you fucking with the best, I
Give you more nothing less, charging up behind the tints with incredible sex
If they watching
murh ja naseeba

Kahaan le aaye naseeba

If you move like lightning
Charging through the angry skies
And intercept on the arrow of time

Kahaan le aaye
playing Future
I'm gon' hit tonight, I can tell the future
He want a verse but I'm charging for features
Can teach you a lot, I'm just not a teacher
'round the bend
Or a herd of bulls charging stop lights red
I'd be blind

You broke my heart Danny Boy
Not your fault Danny Boy

I was
of my home disappear
I sail over the sea without fear
Dragon ships are charging through the waves
Just want to sail away into the sea yeah yeah

I am
feed 'em to the lions

Papow, papow, the lion's barking
Pay attention when the lion's talking
You don't wanna see these lions charging
You don't
Charging horses with fire in breath
Rush to battle - in glory die!

Swords sing in joy
Again they cut
With shining edges
Blood-stained steel

Your love like gold, what you charging?
Just keep it low 'cause that's a bargain
Tellin' me so and I went all in
Just keep it low 'cause that's
start charging for my time
Yeah, that price is pretty high
I can drop you on a dime, yeah

You keep playing, you might fuck around and make me do it

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