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Bad bitches gotta lotta ass
She take off her clothes to get the bands
If I fucked a hoe I fuck for free
If a fuck a hoe she ain't charging me
She got
Fuck everybody now I'm charging for a feature

That girl is a keeper, too bad I couldn't keep her
Leaving me on read, oh well, let's delete her
Fuck out
in on the road
Took my time lay low
I'm charging a M for a show
We started in the field
Had to run like a slave to the top
You could give to your hood
no past tense
They asking me for a feature, you know that I’m charging
All these beats I get, I think I might needa cop a placement
All these beats I
been running to that check Ion flex but you gon' see
You gon' see me pop my shit
If I ain't close wit' you niggas then bitch I'm charging for a pic
a knock you down, then I'll do it again
Feel the tension rise when you hear my crowd
Holding your breath and charging at you now
Yeh, your words they dug
Daring to shake off all chains
Feeling no remorse
Charging down the only course
To the place where blessing still remains

Changes coming up
get my fix

Self-destruction gets a hold of me
How can I stop this maniacal spree?
Here comes the chaos charging through the debris
So much to drown in
I'm fine right where I am, I'm charging this line alone but now my time has ended and I'm going home

It's systemic, it's racism, it's algorithm its
Oh you wanna fuck
Oh you wanna fuck
Oh you wanna fuck
Bitch I'm charging a fee
Kinda like my features that shit ain't for free
Now you wanna
on the phone
But you charging
I could not say
Cos you eating your words
I've been off track but you drifting the merc
I keep it on a hunned but I wash away
losses I just be charging it (like bet)
you might think my car a rafe cuz it got stars in it (like dat)
By the way I pull them strings this shit guitar
Oou ouu
Look at me
Look at me
Damn you always bout a bag
Yes indeed
It's go cost to fuck with me
I'm charging fees
You can't trick me off these
Run to top imma elite
Jump Mans on when I leap
Red Bull charging, I got wings
Never hesitate, when you believe

Jump off the heli
Nothing you can
That bitch do not love you nigga
You know she don't want yah
Shorty with pink hair
Hella useless like Sakura
In my zone I'm meditating
Charging up my
Baby I got that juice
Charging no fees
Spend time with you
Want that cake now
And she thick
From the waist down
Ass up put ya face down
Eat it like take
Drillafuda style, got me pacin'
My heart racin' (Uh)
We bulls out here, so please take heed
Charging through, don't get caught in the stampede
Ayo let's go 123 this the bracelet flow
Getting real sick of charging this shit when I gotta go
Hold up gotta wait can't leave till 4 and 456 God
sit down stop trying
Spaced out charging into possibilities
Running on intuition and broken prophecies

I dodged a bullet leaving you behind
Will do
Breathe what I breathe
And see what I see
Moving discrete about being elite
Lightning keep striking and charging my heart
So my energy doubled
wanna be
Running into the fire
So easy
Like animals
In a world so cold
Lighting the kerosene
They're hiding in the shadows
Preparing for
100 like I'm charging, that's only right

Way too many "no"s, I don't fall down
Cause I know how it goes when it's going down
I feel so ready to be
on fire
I'm charging a hill
Your dream isn't bad 
But I'm never fitting in
Your heartless disclosure
Your headless instinct
Your dream isn't mine
But you're
that's looking to errupt
I'll be the one waiting here knuckled up
I'll be the one that's charging all abrupt
Here I come, be prepared, I came here to

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