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a fire running through my veins, electrified 

You connect me to your power 
Keep me charging up for hours 
I feel ooh ooh, I'm a live wire 
Ooh ooh,
and put your hands up where I can see
Spread up I gotta take you into 69...
Call me the body police, they call me the body police
I'm charging you
Waiting, Climbing, Searching 
The Way 

Through the skies hear the whispering silence 
To the eyes of the grandest conclusion of war 

Charging humanity
for more

I'm charging you with murder
the fire of love's dying down
but in the face of the verdict
I'm feeling all jealousy drown
plead for mercy

and pay the fucking liars
Pay the bitches, they're charging all their dates, stand by
I'm not gonna pay, it's already mine

Hypocrites, I'm gonna do it
and pay the fucking liars
Pay the bitches, they're charging all their dates, stand by
I'm not gonna pay, it's already mine

Hypocrites, I'm gonna do it
you niggas be Charging
I Mix it and whip it and flip like harden
You riding the bench my nigga I’m Starting
Greatest of All Time just call Me Jordan
to the fathers of fortunate sons
For us it's a matter of charging the gates
For you it's a matter of blood and connections

Of blood and connections

So who
charging from the hills
Wanting to feel again
Nameless warrior
Coming to take my life

Look of Hell's wrath in his eyes
Wondering if he has died
Limbs are
who charging 50 for the features 
Tell me how you balling from the bleachers 
I'm walking round with salad not lil ceaser

Potatoe back bitches getting
out the case
Put em in place
Back when my belt was a lace
Now I got bank in my chase

Yeah I've been wilding
Go out and fly to the island
Charging my
where we at
All of my niggas be rolling real deep
I stay with bitches that sitting pretty
If you talk shit then i'm charging a fee
I don't be beefing with
A feature I’m charging a fee
Don't pass me that shit
If it’s weak
No stylist
You got a choppa
With no bodies
Talking that shit
Probably yo hobby
on this lately yea I put it on my life
I've been fighting with anxiety, no charging comin up(yuh)
You know it how we handles this so nigga run it up ( run
These niggas blowing me they leeches
When they hit my line cant reach me
I'm charging that bag for the features
Got the drip down to my sneakers
More hungry imma get to it first
I hate all my enemies hope for the worst
Dont do work for free so im charging for a verse
And they think im weird
at all why she talking
Get me on a feature guess what I'll be charging

I ain't playing with these bitches no not at all
Want me 'cause my money wanna see
Bitches so wet
Had to mop
Thought you the shit
Yeah you flop
Look at me
I’m at the top
Plug charging extra
For a drop
Love smoking weed
I can’t stop
pills, now I just conceal
Ask me what’s the deal
I just closed it locked and sealed
I'm charging, no Dodge, coupe
All in the garage
I'm skrrting away
Know the vibes
Should we bill it?
I know you feel it
I know you feel it
Charging my crystals overnight
We cannot socialise
a cheap seat
2k with no meter by the hands or feet
I won’t stop taking shots until I see green
And I’m all in because of me
And I’m charging because of me
Even when I’m flowing
Charging up
Let it loose
Power of the ocean
Charging up
Let it loose
Power of the ocean
Playing games
With these fools
I can be
All I see is dead people
Come through the hood, niggas starving
If you ain't tryna pay what I'm charging
All I see is dead people
I'm not doing no
of my home disappear
I sail over the sea without fear
Dragon ships are charging through the waves
Just want to sail away into the sea yeah yeah

I am

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