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& u can't ride my wave bitch I'm charging
baby girl pa yan pa yan ooh

the things you do me kosi ahn nobody do me kosi ahn your body charging my battery ahn your body calling my body ahhn this
Watch me I be charging with narcotics on me
I be stunting on your bitch like she was made for me
Sunny on my mind but demons try to stop me
You can
bitch nose in my business
charging bull, no formal charges
stunt, land it with no harness
no exuses, ain't no pardon
you had a 20 year headstart
this that
At Crimea with the charging light brigade

On hire from Swiss or Sweden, be me Christian, be me heathen
The devil to the sabre I shall put
With a crack
Nothing is over, you just can't turn this off

Hold onto the darkness, the worst is charging forth
Lifeless and cold, exhale this smoke and mirrors
Where we live spring comes early
Trees in bloom when the northern country
Is covered in snow

A windy fitful day in winter
Charging forth through endless battles, bravely ahead

Overtop of enemy lines and into the fire

Choking clouds of mustard gas, sears their eyes

than any one of you 
Charging forward on the front line, how do you Define American

When they were born they cried out like you and I did 
tearing down the sky,
A thundering reply.
Oh, surely we will die.
Lightning charging through the sea,
We all will drowning be.
Oh, Jesus rescue me.
Charging at the cannons
Charging to their death

Thousand upon thousands
Stuck in this goddamn hell
Cant tell one from others
Barbed wire, bones and flesh
I had today it make me reminisce
My ride or die today but now we turn to enemies
We raising issues and she charging me with felonies
I tried to reason
to work 
Married to their unpaid debt & rising costs 
They just keep on charging 
They just keep on charging 

Illusion of time pulls you along 
Oh, yeah
I've fallen in love with that lady
She should have been charging by the hour
My best friend's thinkin' I'm crazy
But they don't see
look around
Isn't something easily found
Rich are gangsters
Charging for the begging bowl
The poor are happy happy
Only when they've
better come correct this time I’m charging a fee
Had to slow my roll before the rollie know it's for the better
Had to grow in other areas and tackle new
up in the Bent
Stay over again and I'm charging you rent
I pay for her dinner because I'm a gent
But after tonight gonna need to repent

Oh, I'm
Aye, niggas going ape like they gohan
Charging in straight like trojan
Look atcha you dead-ed-ed
Aye, what
Essa por azul y rojas
Imma flowa like agua
beyond the noise, we'll live in harmony
And strive against the destiny
We're charging up enough to make our brand new flow
Standing back now from all
ほら いっしょにね!

変えたいな! My future (さあっどこへ) 太陽が昇るように
夢よ輝いて charging heart
ちからいっぱい叶えよう願いを 青春ぴっかりだ!?
変えたいと思う (sunshine mission) 気持ちがきっとだいじだよ
of the way,
As he came charging down the stairs
Sayin', "What's that I heard you say?"

I said, "I like Fidel Castro,
I think you heard me right,"
And ducked
Я твой слуга
Я твой работник

We're charging our battery
And now we're full of energy
We are the robots
We are the robots
We are the robots
of isoloation
Inspires me

I like to feel the suspense when I'm certain you know I am there
I like you lying awake, your baited breath charging the air
Я твой слуга
Я твой работник

We're charging our battery
And now we're full of energy
We are the robots
We are the robots
We are the robots

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