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The Cells  


You've been making miles in my prison cell mind
You've been making miles in my prison cell mind
These are such small, small spaces to grow distant
on their cell phones
All the people in the circle
All on a phone, how did they know from the middle?

Then I just dropped my cell phone, my cell phone's
and wings of tin
Wallowing in hell
To lift the grisly spell

My skin, my cell, where I will suffer well
My skin, my cell, where I will suffer well
much I don't feel nothing
I was down off the drugs, had me tooted
I was locked in my cell 'bout to lose it
They be watching me clocking my movements
I roll my weed and I prevail
The shit go deeper than a well
I hit the trap and do it well, baby
Keep a couple bricks up on the cell
I miss my
In cinque al cell
Se parli male ti cancello (negro, ti cancello)
Puzzo di gangia, un tiro dal mio juen e ti mangi due ganci (ti mangi due cosa?)
will go to hell
And locked the door of my prison cell

Well, I met her at saint Mary's square
On the way to the bar I used to drink
The Angel's face with
To be born a crab
Naked and sad
And you can't go back
Shaking a shell
Feels like a cell
And you can't have that

I know the feeling of losing
the key

Here I go spinning out of control
At the end of my rope
(Now I'm sitting in a cell like a time bomb ticking)
(One, two, three days in jail)
I want love to come and make a prisoner out of me
Lock me in your velvet cell and throw away the key

Events have come full circle now
I spend
Kim Possible

Call me, beep me if ya want to reach me
When ya want to page me it's okay
I just can't wait until I hear my cell phone ring
and the money goes and the sheriff claims that he don't know

Oh, here I go again, singin'

Bang bang
That cell door's closin' in
Bang bang
Here I go again
revolution wide from cell to cell to cell
Your kingdom's like your body, it dies and goes to hell

And all the hungry outlaws have taken up a stance
This a good week, I been stackin' up Ms
And I'm snatchin' that Wraith in the mornin' (Wraith)
I was that nigga locked up in the cell
And they
and after
In an instant of great white gravity (gravity)
Hold tight, 'cause all is against me
Every cell in my body, brace,
Woah, and keep breathing,
And keep
You were talkin' on that cell phone, driving your Mercedes way too fast
All of the sudden there was this dial tone, you hit the pylons
slugs, no love, straight thugs

One time for my niggas in the jail cell, (One time for my niggas locked up)
One time for my niggas doin' life in Hell,
Network with connects that I got in the pen
In no time I`ll be clockin' again


Still sittin' in my cell as I dwell on my past
see me

Still sittin' in my cell as I dwell on my past
Tryin' to figure how a n**** turned dreams into cash
Quick call her collect, ain't no respect
On July the second, nineteen fifty three
I was serving time in Tehachapi
Four o'clock in the morning
I was sleepin' in my cell
I heard a whistle
Five hunnid racks on a whole pack
Bad bitch on the road 'bout to run it back

Cell phone ring that's another hunnid G's (hello?)
Asian out in
(Drum Dummie)
Fresh up out a cell, where that bag at?
I was flying, but now I need somewhere to land at
I took a loss, but now I'm lookin' where
just a sperm cell in the fallopian tube
In the mist of a state of triple darkness
Going through a struggle so I could exist
Avoiding everything that came
chair, hanging, and firing squad
Midnight tonight will mark the first execution
Death waits in my cell I can smell him
Somebody tell him that I still

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