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Call off the volunteer brigade, call off the fire cart 
For there's a fire down below, down below, down below
Down below in my heart

Now that
I fall down I'll fall apart 
Trade in my bike for a shopping cart 
And beg change from a world that needs some
Like I need someone
So where are
tough talk
Tomahawk, these shots walk the walk
Llama spark, choppa bark
Box him up, cart him off
Leave, we are king of kings
Some say lord of lords
that billy goat won't pull,
Mama's gonna buy you a cart and bull
And If that cart and bull turn over,
Mama's gonna buy you a doggy named Rover.
where I sat in the cart
There's the Safeway where I stayed in the car
There's the Save on where you used to go to work
Are you still there? (Are you still
Can you spare a turnip from your cart? 
I've been living on brambles 
The rabbit hole's in shambles 
Can you find the kindness in your heart?
Grab a cart
There's matzah left and right
And all the kinds of wine you like
And when the sun goes down
Our families gather 'round
A people so renowned
Yeah well no one really understands,
A shopping cart is filled with cans,
And a top hat, and a snare drum, and a horn.
And a poster and some
shoulders said John the Red Nose.

Ah that will not do said Milder to Moulder
Oh what will do then said Festel to Fose
Great carts and great wagons said
i went through the automatic doors my shopping cart ran in to hers our eyes met for a second, then she turned away and after just a little while i
out when we're apart
Hope you don't leave me in the cart!

As I said
I really hope that you don't leave me in the cart
Coz if you do dry out then
shoulders said John the Red Nose.

Ah that will not do said Milder to Moulder
Oh what will do then said Festel to Fose
Great carts and great wagons said
the weight of critics, judges, mentors
Falling off the cart, some sunlit, show-less, hapless town
In the winter, the van is quiet
And we're crowded
The pen
noticed water bearing rippled frowns
Like photos taken way back when

Shopping carts are making amends
Shopping carts are making amends
Through mostly vacant streets
A baker from the outskirts of his town
Earned his living peddling sweets 
From a ragged cart he dragged around
And we will kick it old school 
Like horse and cart
Gimme your hand
I'll give you my heart
So much to say
But where do I start
Where do I start
a basket case with a shopping cart.
But it's too late my brother,
For I've been watching you.
It's too late to discover,
Your life is almost
最高の present 物は要らない
過ごした時間が大事よ to me
cart 一杯の お買い物だって good
そんな愛に満ちていたい nice!

意地悪な flower
胸の中 never land
雲は大陸へと move
sonny, to something strong if you play that song with the funky break
And Go-Cart Mozart was checkin' out the weather chart to see if it was safe to go
Be wise, be fair, be sure, be there, behave, beware

Be wise, be smart, behave my heart 
Don't upset your cart when she's so close 

Be soft, be
And on every day of the summertime
You'll hear children chasing ice cream carts
They'll play it on your wedding day
There must be 'bout a million ways
To add
But you, you, you upset the apple cart

I was looking forward to
All those little things you didn't do
How could you,
Could you break my heart?
Take all your problems 
And rip 'em apart
Oh oh oh
Carry them off 
In a shopping cart
Oh oh oh

And another thing you
Should've known from
a lull
And things are dull
I sharpen knives for all the wives
In the neighborhood
And I'm very good

I darn a sock
I'll mend a clock
An apple cart

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