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gonna grab it, and jerk on it 'til she get callus uh
Nigga finna blast with clips, might Pusha-T, No Malice uh
Ridin' through Harlem, I got my whip from
with forcing
For the time being something simple from the temple
Excuse me palace
Never had a callus
Now lets
Get deep
My malice
Is for ya
the whole dub and gave it back, "Boop, yeah"
911, no mileage, baby, 9 ball, but no violence, baby
My trigger finger got callus, baby, my bare knuckles got
a day can slip away, my dear that I don't pray
My callus heart knows all my pain is due
I swore my life had found its way, I've done my wrong, I've been
All my leaves are falling off
Callus heart becoming soft
Every little means a lot
All my branches start to rot
From the drive I haven't got
All these
the paper til my finger got a callus 
Accountant telling me boy better watch your balance
Watch Italian
Gold medallion 

20,000 bitches like Wilt
100 point
How can you be so callus
How can you be so cold 
How can you do it with such malice
How can you be so bold

How low can you go
I just want to know
I got a pocket full of quarters, and I'm headed to the arcade.
I don't have a lot of money, but I'm bringing everything I made.
I've got a callus
picked up on a callus trait,
Hate people who think there life is a drama,
Making in jokes about Americana,
Amusing myself is worth it for the karma,
Flying in the car, looking like a star, just like a galaxy
Go so hard like a callus be, uh
Burning more things than calories

KID: I see you
Shoot it in the vein
See if you come down
See if you come down
Don't look now

Calluses from counting money
Get a machine
They callus anyway
finger often to prevent a callus
For me many Men hold malice, I react with violence
Since we tryin' to double the dough, we double the sins
007, I'm running my jaw
Making my progress fixing my flaws
Spitting these hits I got callus on jaws, uh
Beating my pattern im beating my score
taken too soon
From the streets, from the hands of man so hateful and unjust
We must destroy this callus mind set and build each other up

callus betoy us like the who don?t mayor,
There is people out there, too broke to give us their 2 cents,
I speak for them, if you relate I speak for you
from his grip
I can't hold my tongue, I'm holding this stone
hands sweaty and callus, mentally un-balanced, I'm ready for the challenge
seen many
A lyricist compassionate and callus
A reckless hedonist, and disaffected malcontent

I spit that Wonderama shit, me and my conglomerates
Shall remain
teacher, a looming callus creature

The sun, it orbits around flat earth witch trials

Crushed and maimed
While shifting the blame
Disfigured social
keys 'til my fingers grew callus

How could I fear rappers?
I feel words, hear colours, defeat challenge
Give thanks to my synaesthesia
I ain't
Did you cross the earth to be silent among the castle walls

In bedlam we surrendered to devious offerings

A long and bitter haunt by the callus

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