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Ejaculatin' on buffet tables and record labels
Willin' and able
Bring my funk in place of each beat (???)
Lifestyles of the slick and sleazy
Spin around
Here I am at the end of the day
With a cup of cold coffee
From the station buffet.
On Trains, on Trains I seem
To spend my life on Trains.

Highly pathological
Finger-lickin' digital cafe
It was Al Packer's Legendary
Coronary Fast-food
Cannibal Bar and Buffet

Some dark night
You gonna
From Melbourne to Adelaide
On the over-lander
With newfangled buffet cars
And faster locomotives
The train stopped
In Serviceton
Less and less
Highly pathological
Finger-lickin' digital cafe
It was Al Packer's Legendary
Coronary Fast-food
Cannibal Bar and Buffet

Some dark night
You gonna
Old people are pushy
They don't have much time
They'll shove you at the coffee shop
Cut ahead in the buffet line

They'll buy two for a dollar
with my soul

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come
Let this blest assurance control
That Christ has regarded my helpless estate
A thousand-odd broken stallions
Still very quick on the beat
Full-size, the buffet begs before them All you can eat

I'm drawing up a plan for the city
Raoul devours another organic buffet
They're so preservative free to keep their smokescreen

Should I be the one to say that you don't need that
Send a Nike swoosh to an African
Casinos stretched high in the Dubai sky
All the oligarchs in the buffet line
Cause everybody's starving
for their
Dans la maison d'vacances,
Le temps est à l'abri.

Une girouette se balance
Au vent des vendredis.
Les assiettes de faïence
Sont dans un buffet gris.
well, with my soul.

It is well, with my soul,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
the road
Get Buffet on the radio
Got a pocket full of cash
And a Ford full of gas

Pack it on up, move it on out
Baby, I know that you know what I'm
Miss Macclesfield....
Then one day she made it big, when she won Miss Macclesfield.
She'll get fed up of buffets and one day she'll come back,
Hey old timer, can I ask you a question
While you're standing at the buffet?
Is this your first or second helping?
Why'd you come here anyway?
So here's my knife because I came for the buffet

This is the way it goes with you apart of it
Nervously saying words that oh-so-tightly fit
nicht hier.
Zoodirektor mit Knut, die Queen mit Hut
Wie ich seh steht der Papst mit dem Dalai-Lamah am Buffet.

Alle Damen wollen tanzen, die Herrn
shadow blush to get that prince with a sexy tush
Lucky day, hunk buffet
For the lipstick a roll in the hay
You can swoon on the moon with the prince
the Rockies all day
Or head down to Key West and follow the footsteps
Of Buffet or ol' Hemingway
Anything to get over you, baby, but I won't go crazy

a princely buffet

Soon the continent split all asunder
And the radios blared to the blunder
My gilded lily expanded while spinning
That's when I found
for Christmas

At the family shindig
Gonna be the Christmas pig

But I'll leave some room

I'm planning quite a buffet

Please don't throw away
What fills the bladder and intestines push out,
I worry not of hunger and drought.

Bowels move and excrete my buffet,
Induced cathartic is fast food
sun block, a blanket and the best of Jimmy Buffet
T-bones for the grill, hey ain't it great to rough it
The party's on from dawn to dawn
24 and 7
to pieces

Another night in the hills (another night in the hills)
On a buffet of pills (la la la la)
True work of art
Is how we got his far

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