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The brawling of a sparrow in the eaves,
The brilliant moon and all the milky sky,
And all that famous harmony of leaves,
Had blotted out man's
Brawling middle sumaddy lay down inna the bus park
Hack saw blade pon di double mouth shotty nozzle cut short (yeah)
Man go murda dem bloodclaat
and richer, ambition picture
Dem badmind when yuh life style brawling
And you and yuh dawgs dem ballin'
Yuh suit white like garland
Ah seh dem shoulda kill
on the couch in the dragon's lair
Cough out weed we passive here
Hidding aiming from Camden square
Fight that pussy I'm brawling
From the South ain't talking New
go don't brawling
Hill top six
Brawling, have it inna day, strap inna di night
Some pussy only bad when dem a chat inna di mic
Rifle buss yuh belly, buss it mek it drop inna
The Benelli belly full all when me hungry
Kill bwoy brawling, me never run weh
My yute stop bitch
Yuh gyal ah suck mi cocky an' mek e sloppy
You nuh see
When me see that ah point, cocky cross
She will fuck pon you like Renee fling it
Inna di middle of di hour ah so we brawling
Foot up inna di air, me
because he was stalling 
Mac with the suppressor we not into brawling 
I shoot at his legs now that lil n**** crawling 
2 glicks in the coat bitch I'm John
Penthouse is what I call this
Lotta cash, money bags
Know we all in, yeah
Disrespect the clique, we probably brawling

Catch a flight, don't need no
head, bowling balled him, who's brawling? Nah
You calling God, but shit me too, so he gotta hear one of us
I can give him a chance to meet you if you if
No no no she said
I don't want your pheromones
So misplaced
Won't be brawling in this crowd
Go she said - flee while you can
You're so much older
to brawling when I rage
OG catch me like some Saints
Took a Denny's on the den
And it's been 2K on the safe
Them new Ameri's on the way
My leather soft I
Whether brawling or warring
I'm just a bard with bars not the type that you swallow
The type I spit till I'm hollow
Ohh I'm hollow
I'm a long
back (Over losing this fight)
The corner's no place for me, baby
The corner's no place for me

Brawling through the streets
A city symphony
Dirty boy he gone all stale
And down the stair and hallway crawling
And pig and toast and kitchen brawling
Night-time days are all weekless
each other down

Such a brawling battle was a sobering sight, with the sound of 14 bells
and their ribs were kicked, eyes were split, as our hero hit
brawling with the strategy of energy
Your cavity splatered your falling
Now gravity's your enemy
Shooting a bullet through your head
Is all it takes to make
as carribean rasta now i'm balding
Front-row brawling my father's calling
Alongside stokely and other brothers who vocally
Focused on prizes, revised episodes
Rowley rolled round?

Dividing and gliding and sliding, 
And falling and brawling and sprawling, 
And driving and riving
And striving.

Hardly had
Until the last second I'm guessing we gone be brawling
'Cause Kentucky here to win, not to watch you play
Whole world do the dance, say what up,

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