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that's it, you wack 

So get your ass on, nigga bomb 

Be in the cut 'fore I get my blast on 

nigga earl's how you're comin at me, so I'ma brandish
Push the button and the planet blows
That ain't right
Niggas be actin' like animals
That ain't right
Bustin' cannons when they brandish
life is gone
Brandish your torn; forty weeks later - a soldier is born
Inbine your neighborhood to let me if you could
Be a G or you claim to be let
Perceptive intellects inspect the best of every tenant
Write the text to understand that our homeland under threat
By those who brandish disrespect upon
and Brian, still, and Len
They brandish me like one of them
Come over after class
If this is how you make a lasting friend
I don't much mind the imminent
If you stop seekin' others' companionship
House parties look like we don't need no tour stop
Shit pop off like we had to brandish it yeah
Straight from
the mirror 
You'll find a storm

Well you know I tried so hard
I tried so fucking hard 
To brandish my machete 
And carve through the dark
From the burning
baby I ain't him
These niggas also loving hesitance I hate the standing still
But I'm still standing still will brandish iron fist
Real manic, still
my dagger 
If they came back i won't hear their curse
Deaf, i brandish my weapon
Ready to mix their blood with the one of my sailors
Belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet are shod
Take up the shield of faith and helmet of salvation
Brandish the sword of the Spirit, evil
Foot meets pedal 
Hammer meets string 
And all the Devil's angels crumble in a burned up heap 

But I and those like I have no key 
We brandish our
I found myself beside you 
Dreaming of things to do to you 
When I saw you brandish felt 

I was a teenage mummy too 
Kind of fell in love a little
Remind me the taste
You made in your mouth
Unwinding your tape
I'm climbing it down
You brandish your blood
I'm keeping mine hid
Say you want
with the bad It's like a sword of hate
You brandish it so proud
I wonder if you're taught what you feel
Or is it the way you got it cold dead in your
and ready fi dweet, 
And waan test man a road him better shoot up the street, 
Cause if a gun fi brandish an a corn fi beat, 
We a bwoy weh nuh deal with
a nigga than they put in Swiss cheese

Now check credential, these niggas be killa status
Pack a tech, tote a tommy, you know I brandish
Brandish his steel
Mount up his steed

In every man's life
In every man's life
My will be a dead man

Hush, all is quiet in the dusty alleyways
to come closer,
Closer to where we belong.

Outside, the city children brandish,
Sharp, their knives, sharpen knives,
And come closer,
Closer to where
brandish the hair trigga
Yea nigga
I'm goin hay wire
Might fire
Might not
But it's white hot
And with the right flow, the shit might blow
So I detonate, then
sure the temperature's rising 

To fan the flames 
And brandish our new courage proudly 
As if it were ours from the outset 
(As if it were ours
that's how I talk
When I summon a duel or when I brandish a thought
I was wrong to turn honesty against you
And sure, some of them could use a good talk
Fuckin' forced to sleep
In this life
Enough there to be sober
In death


Brandish the brandy
Shrouds wave in
sea legs were lost on the march from the graves to the cross
We brandish the plague of the middleman's heart

Sing the rats through the gate
I was
means one of us
Gonna end up in a stretcher
Gonna end up in the papers, going end up in the papers, yeah

If i had a pistol
I'd brandish it and wave

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