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M-BraceJanet Brace 


Are you alright, how's your brace
(Why, it makes you grin)
(Gets under your skin as only a song can do)

People that you meet
(Hello Joe, what you know
and hold on
Brace yourself and prepare to get rolled on
And I'ma take it to your death
Watch you scream till your very last breath
I get vexed
And how it's "not this" 'cause "this is not that"
Look, I feel like I hate me, look
I feel like you can't see
I'm embracing you to brace me
When I break
Sono ancora acceso, frate' (frate')
Basta muovere la brace (uh)
Ma per vincere la guerra (guerra)
Devi perdere la pace
Gioco in casa, non mi serve il
do is write about 'em
How the hell did I lose a friend I never had?
Never had

I'm on the mend
Like I'm wearing a neck brace
Like I'm sleeping in
Mama come, come doll, take a seat
There's someone you know that you've got to meet
So brace yourself for the big reveal
He's about my height when
what it takes
The beats that brace the funky bass
I'll give your body crazy shakes (come on)

I heard somebody say (what?)
She's at the party so
Make your first impression brace yourself
It's who you are
Try to find yourself it takes some time
Don't be alarmed
A million questions fill your
Back a man come unavailable
And I know I'm gonna find myself a better you

Brace yourself 'cause you needed me
Throwing all up 'cause you need
See him the next day with Lucci autograph on his neck brace
From the ~Lone Star State~  I make bones break with own fools
Fuck em up in D-Town
Brace yourself for the holocaust,
Prepare for your final exodus ...
And do not seek his rising kingdom, for it is lost ...
But the kingdom
Hit you in the back with the beat so hard you brace from it
Say nothin' or face someone in a league of their own
Irobot, sonny take a seat you
Brace yourselves it's coming on,
You drank your guilt, you swell.
Define your way it was never much
So when you take that pill, don't let it drown
Brace yourselves it's coming on,
You drank your guilt, you swell.
Define your way it was never much
So when you take that pill, don't let it drown
Just right before the end of time,
We stood together, you and I.
There was no place to go, no time to add.
So we brace ourselves for the impact.
step moves

Braces for cold minds
I trace my own lines
I wait in low lights
Until I find

Bits of the old place
Familiar cold ways
Brace the ground and love you finally found in me or leave
The wind won't wait to blow you down
And leaves can change only so slow
So keep your
One guy had a mullet, and one the cops were chasing
When I finally had a date with what seemed to be a real man
He rolled up to my place in
Mi a muss a leprechaun fi yo gold coin
Bruk it out pan hi floor fi mi one more time
Brace up yo body paw mine

That's why mi seh gimmi mi Caribbean
I have listened so well
When they told me to be
What I think I should be
Lost in sight of vision
Wore a darkened brace
Of my mental laced

There can be not one sensation

World on fire with a smoking sun
Stops everything and everyone
Brace yourself for all will pay
Help is
Mine offered up 
I will brace, bleed and defy 
The moment that the river runs

I am all of who I am
Wear the face of all I know I am
of the girl I used to be

I know there'll never be another
One like me
So I wont be playin' undercover
'Cause now I see
My braces will come off tomorrow
Brace the line between the loswest calories
Parkay or butter which would you rather have slide
Down your tube into the bloated gloop of food

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