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M-BraceJanet Brace 


vigliacco prendimi a bersaglio,
Spara finchè non si estende il taglio che ti ho fatto
C'è chi non lo dice e non lo dirà
Ma come brace gli sta infondo al
And would brace ourselves for the fight
All Night, alright I say

Don't tell the DJ got to turn it low
We keep it rockin' til the early morn I say
on the braille, we let a thimble go to jail
A little wooden sign that said, "brace yourself"

I wanna call you mine, and never let you down
I wanna feel it's
that's all you really wanted to be
Better brace yourself for the hurricane we deliver
Best prepare for the winter
We can wake up the dead with the fury
you better brace yourself
For this one babe, it's all the same, sea above
Pace yourself
This one, it's all the same, to me now
Behave yourself
Gonna steal a motor car and smash it all to pieces
Gonna cut me liver out and pin it on your braces

Kill! Kill!

I'm not pathetic, I'm lazy and rude
Brace yourself til all resistance ends
Cut yourself and release the blood
braces lock? Will you be able to prolong the kiss and still breathe?

Will I spoil it with my overbite?
Will our noses bump in the moonlight?
When our
a black president(why)

'cause niggas ain't seein me
Has beens they both like bad skinz so face it
After this joint yo we passin out some neck braces
It's not for my pride. Keep on with your killing,
Your threats and your jokes, just brace yourself for what's in store.
Continue to flow with the close
The light that made us made us twice

My twin she's my keep, lays down besides me takes the braces from her feet
Real hair and real lips, we are
Deep unto deep
All creation braces for the passing of this time.
looks soft
My eye shadow is like Cleopatra
My contacts are bright green
My braces are real
My pose is for you
My freckles are for you
My shirt has
the day
I'm off of the earth, I'll ride alone

Please brace for impact
I must have went to space and got sent back
But I'm still intact, in fact, take
It's falling to pieces 
I stand and wait 
There's no one to blame this time 
Stand and brace 
You're sure I can change your mind 
Feel brave
And Molly got her braces off and she smiles so big
Davie is still as skinny as a whittled old twig

And I miss holding your hands on Sundays
Talking over
Salsicce fegatini
Viscere alla brace
E fiaccole danzanti
Lamelle dondolanti
Sul dorso della chiesa fiammeggiante

Vino, bancarelle
Terra arsa
here today
Brace yourself, here it comes

A man could fall but never on all fours like a Daewoo
A Prelude, bowing down to Jesus
A community having
All over town
The flat chested trailer brides
Their braces and their bottle caps
Jangle like tambourines
Triangle flags in a car dealer parking
new generation
Pathetic education
Casting sympathetic views
For this I need an explanation
Now brace yourself for war
Or face deportation
Tis time
So brace yourself and last.

All that you know
Is all that you've figured out
But you'll never land again
Until you stop falling down

Pale yellow holding on
Brace yourself to stand
Tell myself it is ok
Taking my own hand

Forever peering into the water
Returning back to the sea
I'll place my head between my knees. 

Cover my ears and brace myself. 
Build me up so tall. 
Shock me with your revelations. 
Isn't this what you
Build your hopes behind the scenes
Break between your plans and schemes
Save yourselves, escape from me
Brace against the coming wind


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