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M-BraceJanet Brace 


The sound of my voice

Hands down in the hold I brace
Put your hands on your  handsome face
And lie when you say
â??You haven't got much, but maybe
congregation is facin some strange situations
The greatest of all times (loyalty) First Family
(loyalty) Yeah, we still here!

[Lil' Fame]
Brace yourself
Shoot to kill the wounded.
The calloused tongue.
My aim is precise.  Armed with my own failures. The cost of being you.
Brace yourself like a man.
Wearing braces, the red, white, and blue
Doing what he thinks he ought to do
Used to be a punk and a mod too
Or is it just a phase he's going
Brace myself, pace myself, gotta get my wealth
Make myself, break myself, I don't need no help

Who can I trust and put my faith in?
by introspection
Hellion what I've become
Invade your lives with evil and murder
Brace your life among the light's fluorescent shine I operate right
Hold brace here it comes
Like a wind from inside spinning around
Let go as you turn you will learn
How to live softly alone
Roses on a lover's dress
hold my hands up
Brace fists to the air
I will hold my chin up
Steer clearly through despair
I can feel my chest
The brightness of eternal breath
it's standing still
I never felt like this with no one else
Yeah, when we kiss I have to brace myself

Like a rocket, this love
Is breathtaking,
to say
Doesn't matter where you go
Comes right through
Everything, everything
Tighten up all showing slack
Brace yourself for impending attack
you by your mother's name
Trout belly silk, a brace of shakes
Tell your man my hands are itching
Lose your shame, see it slow
Two lane cyclone red
Stand down sailor, send your brace rib home
Save it for a later leave
Heaven must have spit you out with sandstorm prayers and pealing bells
wish them back
To brace the spring.
They've flown south before,
It's just the way they live.
For when I try to fly away
Can you forgive me ?
kids and three cars and one boat
Everyone's chasing the same fucking thing

Raise your head and brace yourself
(raise your head you're someone else)
of your word, 
I will not carry you, that's on yourself. 
When you doubted yourself. 
(I have no idea what the fuck Christian is saying)

skies will reign
Oh mother close your eyes

These bloody skies will reign
Dear savior brace your heart
These bloody skies will reign

fear of getting overwhelmed
I'm getting overwhelmed
Smaller now
So I can't reach the expectations
Placed on me
This brace will sway
And break in
Every little hair on my neck is a wreck
Black and blue because of you
My back's out of place
I need a brace and my face is askew
Now that's hard
and brace your troops for the attack"
Ah, the dreamers ride against the men of action
Oh, see the men of action falling back

But I lingered on her
Take the baby's cane away and hide his little braces
Left to his devices he still wants that rocky road
Feed him all your fables and your periodic
Pass the peace mic, come back to me

[ VERSE 1: Dannu ]
Seen us comin' but did you brace yourself for the impact?
Our mic stats in place of wealth
And the deer is gone without me to the valley of surrender
There is still another world along it's tracks

But there's that sign up to a hill
ever have a mansion in Memphis
But she loves me like I'm Elvis

But I may never brace the gates of Graceland
Make the upper stage of the silver
Gonna steal a motor car and smash it all to pieces
Gonna cut me liver out and pin it on your braces

Kill! Kill!

I'm not pathetic, I'm lazy and rude

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