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Czyściec terror czołgi obracają łby o 3 6 0 stopni
Wzgórza mają oczy nie ukryjesz się to bombing
Jesteś bezradny jak pociągi żenujący jak dwa na szynach
nie wiedział co jutro nastąpi
Dzisiaj wiem że od rapu po uliczny bombing
Tego klimatu niczym nie da się zastąpić
To nie rap na pół etatu to styl który
and frustration

And as the children play the bombing in the station
I felt my consciousness begin to leave my body
And all escape was gone and I could see nobody
Thousands dead
Campaign to end this war
6 years of battle has come to this
85 million dead
The world has crumbled
Bombing raids for 36 days straight
Still no
tiraram o mato do gato
Quando tiraram o gato do mato e hoje
Querem-me fechar no zoo
Policia sem uma pontinha de escrúpulos
Constantemente bombing
Na minha
A phenomenon, whenever bombing I'm causing hysteria

I pick up the mic like the stage was the baggage claim area

Ticket, I kick it wickedly, I be Tiki tocking,
enough to let me believe
You could see them
Dressed like a casual motor wear
You could see them
Bombing around motor isle
Those heroes, they die
the figures, wanna be an icon 
Photoshop bombing 
Feel like, fa la la la 
I'm feeling alive 
This what you want 
Do it for the people that's feeling this song
up bombings 
And this all on my feed 
My brain stay on my feed 
My main stay on my feed 
I'm hooked to the Shit zombie 
Need to set my mind on free
and the glory, you are not for me
I got a army, mercy upon me
Me I been bombing, tricky with karma
Where is you going, why is you falling?
Moving supersonic, warp
you just can't 
Smoke a plant that comes up from the earth
They're busy

Killing Saddam and bombing another village with civilians
Whether we're wrong
Fire me for bailing, I ain't hating, I'm just sayin 
Kick push down the block, why walk?
Bombing down these hills with an ounce of soda pop
I wanna know why, they hate me
Why they hate, most human beings
Why they invade and terrorize whole countries
Bombing and mowing down whole families
a verse if you think it's free (Don't)
What you earn at your work is my business fee (Yes!)
Yes, I don't tolerate disrespect (Uh uh)
I start bombing like
Haha, aye aye, haha
I’m bombing shit like a terrorist
Cuz I’m derelict
No one prepared for this
No I don’t care I’m pissed
Back to my therapist
That romantics are dead and people lie
You say you rather be with your friends having a blast
Well, your girls are bombing my phone just like that
dominate no Osama 
But I'm bombing it one night can't wife shit only fuck with good girls
They put my sticks in they're name 
Momma said boy you ain't shit
with da flow 
Like when i dick ya hoe
I go raw
Just like my joint wraps
Bombing these tracks
I'm going arab 
On every verse i snap 

Take me back when i
bombing on genres
Square pegging a circle jerk, what's molly to mollusk
Penny for your thoughts your product probably needs some polish
Soap opera popish,
mentally slaughtered
Still bombing in rhymessss
I'm calling in my mortars
What goes up gotta come down    
One day 
One day everybody gonna be looking at me
the phone I know where I'm going to
And I'mma push and pull till I get there
Ain't nobody slowing me down nor the weather
But bombing for peace like fucking
Up In the studio riding the beat like a rodeo yh 
Whipping the Honda I ain't even got a license.
N**** wanna live like this cause the team bombing like
Cuz I
Never never Ever ever ever Never
Ever never never
We All Know HOw Im
Bombing ever never ever
The Alypse
Coming never ever ever
bombing all my killers too go drop
Fuck all these rappers yh I'm feeling like Tupac with it

I don't see no competition
They just goaltending

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